BRECA Easter Egg Hunt 2020 has been canceled

The Annual BRECA Easter Egg Hunt for 2020 has been cancelled. In order to slow the transmission of COVID-19,  guidance from the California Department of Public Health’s states non-essential gatherings with 250 people or more should not occur for the safety of the community. They have indicated that smaller events may proceed if organizers can implement social distancing of six feet per person; however, since we cannot guarantee a social distancing of six feet per person at this event, BRECA has decided to go on the side of safety and forgo this event this year.

BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – Feb 25, 2020


DATE: February 25, 2020
PLACE:  Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California
MEETING TYPE:  BRECA Steering Committee Meeting
James Adams
Lori Christensen
Ken Crawford
Bonnie Domeny
Rene Hamlin
Gay Jones
Lee Leavelle
Jim Morgan
Andrea White



1. Call to Order by Chair Bonnie Domeny
2. Welcome and Introductions

3. Questions or Comments from the Membership/Community on Non-Agenda items.
A member of the community commented that there is problem with sidewalks on Appalachian Dr.  They recommended calling 311 about problems, which they had done.

4. Minutes of January 28, 2020
One addition to the draft minutes of January 28, 2020 was requested and accepted.  Gay Jones made a motion to approve the amended minutes.  James Adams seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

5. Reports

a. Treasurer
Andrea White (Treasurer) stated that there is no report for this month, and that the report from last month mostly carries forward.

Gay Jones commented that there was no CORPAC (Cordova Community Planning and Advisory Council) meeting this month.
Lee Leavelle stated that there had been a communication from the County that a plan to install a sidewalk on the north side of Folsom Blvd. from Butterfield to Mira Del Rio has been sent out to bid.  There were no other items directly relevant to the BRECA area.

c. Membership
Jim Morgan reported that a total of 56 Welcome Packets have been delivered.

Jim distributed a handout on BRECA membership changes for 2019.  In sum, there were an unusually high number of members who did not renew, and an unusually low number of new members.  This resulted in a significant loss of BRECA membership for the 2019 membership year.  The reason(s) for this are not clear: possibly the increase in dues, and also a change in how communications are distributed on Nextdoor, had an impact.

Bonnie Domeny commented that we need to do more to recruit new members.  Gay Jones commented that we really don’t know why people are not renewing.  Lee Leavelle asked whether we could make first year memberships free?

A member of the audience asked what are the benefits of joining BRECA?  Bonnie stated that we can influence local officials.  Lee Leavelle commented that one does not need to be a member to get the benefits of BRECA activities.  Jim stated that there are some tangible individual benefits of being a member, including receiving the Newsletter, having Agendas emailed to you, and also notices of events.  Rene Hamlin commented that one also gets to vote for Steering Committee members.  Lee commented that BRECA has a lot more pull than do individuals.

6. Old Business

a. Bradshaw Apartments
Bonnie Domeny reported that the proposal for apartments on Folsom Blvd, called the Bradshaw Apartments, had been submitted to the County last month.  The proposal seems about the same as what was recently presented to BRECA.  Lee Leavelle commented that it would be the first three story construction in the neighborhood, although the part of the apartments next to the residential properties would only be two stories.  Gay Jones commented that we need to keep a close eye on the proposal, and make sure it conforms to existing laws.  It may come to CORPAC.

b. Illegal and Non-residential Parking on Butterfield Way
Bonnie Domeny reported that nothing had been done on this issue.  Lori Christensen commented that if the No Parking sign on Butterfield Way is moved farther from Folsom Blvd., this would back the problem up onto Stoughton Way and other parts of the community.  Jim Morgan commented that the yellow line in the road could be moved to make more room for moving cars to get past parked cars.

c. Cal Am
Gay Jones reported that they had received a letter from the Public Advocates Office (PAO) of the California Public Utilities Commission that concluded that California American Water (Cal Am) surcharge accounts had become a pervasive method of obtaining rate increases, and that the accounts should be capped at 20%.  Gay requested authorization to send a BRECA letter stating that it should be 0%.  James Adams commented that our rates are going up to finance work in other districts.  Gay commented that, according to Richard Rauschmeir (with the PAO), our rates had gone up 9% each year for the last 10 years.  It was agreed that Gay could write a letter advocating 0% total surcharges.

d. From the Floor
There was no Old Business from the floor.

7. New Business 

a. BRECA 2020 Budget
Andrea White distributed a handout with a draft BRECA budget for 2020.  She stated that we are dealing with a continuing small deficit over the last few years.  The proposed budget made a number of small cuts in expenditures, but still has a net loss of $255 for the year.  A number of suggestions were made to improve the situation.  These included getting the developer of the Bradshaw Apartments to sponsor the BRECA picnic, reducing the raffle prizes at the picnic, and having ads in the Newsletter or coupons.  Bonnie Domeny commented that we had tried to get coupons from local merchants for the Welcome Packets, but there was no interest in doing that.  It was agreed to keep the discussion open.  Gay Jones requested that the expenditure Parkway Restoration be changed to Parkway Activities.  Ken Crawford made a motion to approve the draft budget with the amendment.  James Adams seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

b. Annual Meeting
Bonnie Domeny asked what should the theme be for the upcoming BRECA Annual Meeting?  Suggestions included Crime and Homelessness, Community Improvement, Action for the Community, and Healthy Community.  Lee Leavelle commented that the latter would bring in Health and Wellness companies.  It was commented that someone has to do the footwork for the theme.  Bonnie Domeny stated that we should carry on the discussion by email.  Also, she would contact officials to save the date.

c. Easter Egg Hunt
Andrea White volunteered to be the chair of the Easter Egg Hunt committee.  Bonnie Domeny volunteered to do the flier.

d. May is Bike Month
It was commented that no date has yet been set for the neighborhood bike ride.

e. From the Floor
Ken Crawford asked for assistance with lobbying against a bill in the State Legislature.  AB1140, Stone, would put an unreasonable burden on individual California Registered Tax Preparers.  Specifically it would mandate that each client receive a letter in six languages with a quote on the cost of preparing the tax return, and any increased costs.  Ken requested that people contact Assemblyman Ken Cooley.

Bonnie Domeny reported that someone had sprayed Roundup on the grass in the American River Parkway in back of the home next to the Anderson property.  This has been reported to the Rangers.

8. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, at the Rancho Cordova Library.

Agenda – Steering Committee Meeting 02-25-2020

February 25th, 2020 6:30 pm
Rancho Cordova Library
9845 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. Questions or Comments from the community on non-agenda items
  4. Approval of Minutes
    • January 2020
  5. Reports
    • Treasurer – Andrea
    • CORPAC – Gay & Lee
      • Folsom Blvd Sidewalks
      • Hazel Ave Over-Cross
    • Membership
      • Welcome Packet Distribution Update – Jim
      • Membership report – Jim
  6. Old Business
    • Bradshaw Apartments
    • Illegal and non-resident parking on Butterfield Dr – Bonnie
    • Cal Am – Gay / James
    • From the floor
  7. New Business
    • 2020 Budget – Andrea & Committee
    • Annual Meeting
    • Egg Hunt
    • May is Bike Month
    • From the floor

Adjourn to next meeting. March 24, 2020 6:30 PM. Cordova Library.

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