Lori Christensen

Lori Christensen

Lori Christensen. Alcosta Way.

I have been on the BRECA Steering Committee for 17 years. I was the association’s secretary for five years and I’m currently a co-editor of the BRECA newsletter. I’m motivated to stay on the BRECA Steering Committee because it is an effective voice for issues that are important to the neighborhood including the American River Parkway, land use issues, quality of life issues, traffic, and the environment.

My involvement in BRECA has included persuading the County to landscape the corner of Folsom and Butterfield, organizing the annual picnic, coordinating the American River Clean Up at Gristmill, and testifying before the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors regarding many issues that affected our community.

I have a degree in Political Science and have worked in the State Legislature. I know how State and local government works. I have found my background useful in tackling the challenging issues that face our neighborhood. I would love to continue my work on the BRECA Steering Committee. Together, we can make a difference in our neighborhood. I would be honored to serve another year on BRECA’s Steering Committee.

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