Lee Leavelle

Hello, my name is Lehman (Lee) Leavelle.  Most folks know me as Lee.  My wife, Linda, and I have been residents in this neighborhood since August of 1999.  We plan to stay in the neighborhood for the duration. We like it here.

I’ve known about BRECA for a while but never got involved. I’ve always felt like they truly had the neighborhood’s best interests at heart, though, and were good people, so I decided to check it out. I began attending meetings and found that remained true. I believe that BRECA belongs to the neighborhood, it is us. We make it what it is.

I recently applied for, and have been approved to serve on the Cordova Community Planning Advisory Council (CORPAC) and look forward to representing our community in that capacity.  I have been a Volunteer Naturalist at the Cosumnes River Preserve for about 20 years and as such guide paddling excursions on a monthly basis.  I enjoy canoeing, cycling, and have recently taken up golf.

My background is in construction from digging trenches to managing multi million dollar projects for a public agency.  I worked in that capacity for Elk Grove Unified School District for 25 years.  I am familiar with planning and working with local agencies in their various processes.

I try my best to be fair minded, honest, and open.


Lee Leavelle

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