Jim Morgan – Secretary

Jim Morgan

Jim and Sunny

Jim Morgan. Alcosta Way. Incumbent.

First, I would like to thank you for joining BRECA. Because of you and other members, we are able to accomplish things for our community that would be impossible for an individual or small group to accomplish. BRECA is a vital voice for local concerns that would not be heard otherwise.

BRECA was founded in 1997 with the goals of promoting citizen involvement and enhancing our community. Numerous problems and opportunities have arisen since BRECA was founded. Projects that we have tackled range from flood protection improvements to mitigating the impact of proposed high density developments around the Butterfield Light Rail Station to getting landscaping installed on the corner of Butterfield and Folsom to persuading Cordova Parks to replace the playground equipment at Riviera East Park.

Recently we have turned more attention to crime and code enforcement (“blight”) issues. We have helped connect concerned people to the relevant authorities by featuring Sheriff’s officers and code enforcement staff at our Annual Meetings. Also, we are partnering with Nextdoor.com to spread information further.

I have been on the Steering Committee since BRECA was founded. I have served as Chair and Treasurer, and currently serve as Secretary and co-editor of the Newsletter. As Secretary I am responsible for minutes of Steering Committee meetings, Steering Committee elections, membership renewals and acknowledgements, letters to outside groups, and numerous membership mailings. I look forward to continuing to work with BRECA members and others in our community to promote our interests.

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