Bonnie Domeny

Bonnie Domeny

Paddling around Gristmill

In October 2019 my husband Jay and I will celebrate 24 years living in this community.  We purchased our home after searching on and off for 5 years.  We were looking in very specific areas of Sacramento… and I was looking for a good sized kitchen!  When we found our home on Elmira Circle I knew right away it was the perfect place for us.

I love to walk in and around the neighborhood. In my travels, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to so many of my neighbors. We are a diverse community filled with wonderful, talented people.

A few years ago I made the decision to “act locally” to improve our community.  I started by working to improve some sound issues from a business in the Eclectic Center that affected me and my immediate neighbors. I began attending BRECA meetings. I was introduced to by a fellow BRECA member just after our online community was started.  I’ve been a “lead” on Nextdoor ever since.  5 years ago I was appointed to represent our community on the oversight committee for the special tax zone of the Cordova Recreation and Parks District. I now serve as Chairperson of PMRID.

In my role as a member of the BRECA steering committee my goals for BRECA this year are to build awareness of what BRECA is and how it serves the community.  I will work to increase membership and continue to improve communication with the members.

On a broader level I will to continue to lend my voice to the issues that affects our safety, home values and quality of life.

I want to encourage everyone to become of member of BRECA and share your concerns. We are your community association.  We serve the community best by listening to the needs of the members.

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