Welcome to the Join BRECA Membership page

Now you have a choice!

You can join BRECA or renew your membership by doing any of the following:

  • complete the application online AND pay online with our new PayPal option
  • complete the application online and send the check by mail
  • download, print and complete the application, and send both by by mail

Whichever works best for YOU!

  1. To join or renew online using PayPal, simply click this link that says “Join or Renew BRECA using PayPal
  2. To join or renew and pay by check, you may click here and complete the form online, then mail your check separately to the address shown below.
  3. Or, you may download and print the membership form by clicking here for the BRECA Membership Application.  Complete the form, then mail it along with your check to:

PO Box 276274
Sacramento, CA 95827


Here are just some of the ways that BRECA is working hard every day to make your community association work better for you.

Improving the Quality of Life in the Community:

  • Worked with the County to obtain landscaping at Folsom and Butterfield
  • Succeeded in getting sidewalk on North side of Folsom Blvd between Bradshaw and Horn
  • Supported tree plantings on the South side of Folsom Blvd

Family and Community Events:

  • Annual Picnic in thePark
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Community Garage Sale
  • Bark in the Park, where canines (and their owners) meet their friends
  • Neighborhood Bike Ride and Ice Cream Social

Informational Meetings:

  • Sponsor of an Annual General Meeting where neighbors ask questions of our local officials
  • Monthly Steering Committee Meetings

Collective Voice on Local Issues:

  • BRECA follows many important issues and sends letters of support or opposition to our local/state representatives.
    • BRECA opposed Cal Am’s request for increasing our water rates, and succeeded in reducing the amount that was originally requested.
    • BRECA succeeded in opposing the high-density development at the Butterfield light rail station
    • BRECA supported raising the Mayhew-Gristmill levee while minimizing impacts on the American River Parkway and adjacent residents.

Keeping the Community Informed:

  • BRECA publishes the only local newsletter highlighting many issues and events in our community.
  • BRECA website ( includes local resources and activities

Environmental Steward:

  • Starthistle removal on the American River Parkway and environmental restoration projects
  • Gristmill “Site Captain” for the Great American River Clean-Up
  • Sponsors the clean-up for Mile 12 South of the American River Bike Trail


And by joining BRECA, YOU make your community better too!

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