Agenda – Steering Committee Meeting 04-27-2021

April 27th, 2021 6:30 pm

Due to the current county health order, this meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.

The monthly meeting of the Butterfield-Riviera East Community Association Steering Committee is open to all members of the community. Join us to share your concerns and provide your feedback on issues related to our neighborhood.

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  1. Call to Order – Chair: Bonnie Domeny
  2. Welcome / Introductions – Roll Call
  3. Questions or Comments from the community on non-agenda items – Please submit in advance to .
  4. Riviera East Park Maintenance – Guest Speaker: Jim Morales, CRPD Park Services Superintendent
  5. Approval of March meeting minutes.
  6. Reports
    • Treasurer – Andrea
    • Membership – Jim
    • CORPAC – Gay
  7. Old Business
    • Gristmill maintenance
    • Kassis Property
    • From the floor
  8. New Business
    • LAR Natural Resources Management Plan (draft)
    • From the floor

Adjourn to next meeting May 25, 2020 6:30 PM. TBA.

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Riviera East Park Tree Planting 2019

Big kudos to everyone who came out to Riviera East Park to plant trees. We had well over 60 volunteers to plant and mulch 18 trees. Thanks so much for joining in the fun! It went very smoothly and quickly.

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A successful morning planting trees at Riviera East Park. #sactree

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2019 Tree Planting at Riviera East Park

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Agenda: 11-18-2019 BRECA Steering Committee Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Butterfield-Riviera East Community Association Steering Committee is open to all members of the community. Join us to share your concerns and provide your feedback on issues related to our neighborhood. This month’s meeting includes a presentation of the final plans for the Bradshaw Apartments by Rashad Mammadov. You can review the updated proposal here.

November 18th, 2019 6:30 pm
Cordova Library
9845 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA

  1. Call to Order
  2. Bradshaw Apartments Presentation – Rashad Mammadov
  3. Welcome and Introductions
  4. Questions or Comments from the community on non-agenda items
  5. Approval of Minutes 
    1. October 2019
  6. Reports
    1. Treasurer – Andrea
    2. Membership
      • Welcome Packet Distribution Update – Jim
      • Membership report – Jim
  7. Old Business
    1. BRECA Newsletter Update – Jim
    2. Update on Tree Planting
    3. From the Floor
  8. New Business
    1. Holiday Party Planning
    2. From the Floor

Adjourn to next meeting. December 17, 2019 6:30 PM. Cordova Library.

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Rivera East Park Tree Planting

Join the Butterfield-Riviera East Community Association (BRECA) and the Sacramento Tree Foundation for a community tree planting and mulching event. New trees will be planted to provide shade and beautify the park. Volunteer with us to plant these trees and help us continue to grow Sacramento’s urban forest.

  • What: We need 60 volunteers to plant 18 new trees (holes are pre-dug) and mulch new and existing trees.
  • Who: Everyone welcome! Bring the kids, your friends and extended family. (Please leave pets at home.)
  • When: Saturday November 23rd. 8:45 AM – 12 PM
  • Where: Riviera East Park – 9580 Mira Del Rio Dr.
  • Sign up online at SacTree
Tree Planting at Riviera East Park

We’re planting 18 new trees! In addition we will mulching the new and existing trees. Thank you to Cordova Recreation and Parks District (CRPD) for partnering with us! CRPD has committed to digging the holes prior to the event.

Tree plan - Riviera East Park

Please prepare to volunteer in the following ways:

  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast
  • Wear closed-toed shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and layered clothing
  • Bring along a water bottle as well as gloves (if you have them)
  • Complete and bring your VOLUNTEER RELEASE FORM
    • Volunteer Release Form
    • Adult supervision AND parent/guardian permission is required for volunteers ages 15 and under
    • Parent/guardian permission is required for volunteers ages 16-18

Have questions or comments? Contact . See you there!

BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – October 22, 2019


DATE: October 22, 2019
PLACE:  Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California
MEETING TYPE:  BRECA Steering Committee Meeting


James Adams
Lori Christensen
Ken Crawford
Bonnie Domeny
Gay Jones
Lee Leavelle
Jim Morgan
Andrea White


Rene Hamlin


  1. Call to Order by Chair Bonnie Domeny
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. Questions or Comments from the Membership/Community on Non-Agenda items.
    There were no questions or comments from the membership or community.
  1. Minutes
    Gay Jones made a motion to adopt the draft minutes for September 24, 2019.  James Adams seconded the motion.  The motion was adopted unanimously.
  1. Reports
    1. Treasurer
      Andrea White (Treasurer) distributed a handout of BRECA profit and loss budget vs. actual so far this year.  She noted that the BRECA bank balance was $4,570.02.
      Bonnie Domeny enquired as to whether it was possible to bring historical income to the meeting, so that it could be compared to this year.  Andrea responded that it could be brought to the next meeting.
      Jim Morgan enquired whether the money for the Welcome Packets, which was approved before the expenditure, should be considered as part of the budgeted funds.  Andrea responded that we are doing a constant budget, with overages approved as needed.
    2. CORPAC
      Lee Leavelle stated that there was a Cordova Community Planning and Advisory Council (CORPAC) meeting this month.  He stated that they considered the Environmental Impact Report for the Jackson township specific plan.  Most discussion was about traffic.  They voted to recommend approval of the specific plan.Gay Jones noted that County Planning has made recommendations for changes to the Community Planning and Advisory Councils (CPACs).  The biggest would be to remove the CPACs’ ability to file an appeal of decisions made by County Planning.  Otherwise it would cost $5,000 for an individual to file an appeal.  County Planning was supposed to circulate a report to the CPACs, but it is not out.  However, the Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on the report on Monday, October 28.  CORPAC voted to request an extension to study the proposal.  Lori Christensen enquired who was behind the proposal.  Gay stated that developers appeared to be behind the proposal, saying that the current procedures result in unnecessary delays.  However, most delays come from incomplete plans.  Lee Leavelle stated that the proposal is couched as responding to delays in getting housing approved.
    3. Membership
      Jim Morgan reported that two more Welcome Packets were delivered this month, for a total of 43.
      Jim also reported that there were no changes in BRECA membership this month.  BRECA has 99 memberships.
  1. Old Business
    1. Update on Bradshaw/Folsom Apartments Proposal
      Lee Leavelle stated that at the last BRECA meeting we had selected a small committee to meet with Mr. Mammadov (the developer).  Two meetings were held, with County Supervisor Don Nottoli facilitating.  People at the first meeting addressed their concerns to Mr. Mammadov.  He came back at the second meeting with modified plans that addressed those concerns.  In particular, the changes included rearranging the buildings to reduce impacts on two big trees on the north side of the property, making the apartments two stories instead of three on the north side, increasing the available parking by reducing the number of units, placing a sound wall on the north side, and putting larger trees on the north side.Lee stated that Mr. Mammdov did not have to make those changes.  However, he wants our support so that he does not have to use SB 35 and pay prevailing wages during construction.  He has also commissioned an arborists report, which will be incorporated into plans.  When complete the plans will be submitted to the County.Lori Christensen stated that she is concerned that people who were not involved may want more changes.  Bonnie Domeny stated that we have done our due diligence, having posted the plans to the BRECA website and placed notifications on Nextdoor.  The immediate neighbors were satisfied with the changes.  The committee’s recommendation is to support the plan.  Jim Morgan suggested that Mr. Mammadov come to the November meeting.  The Steering Committee could take a position then.Gay Jones stated that the changes should be considered as revisions, not concessions.  She does not believe Mr. Mammadov would use SB 35.  Bonnie commented that Mr. Mammadov gave his worst case scenario in June, so that he can look good when he pulls back from some parts.  A member of the audience commented that we are very lucky he pulled back on the three stories on the north side.  It could have been five stories, as is being done at other locations in Sacramento.

      Lori Christensen recalled that at the June meeting there was also concern about traffic.  She enquired whether the County will do a traffic study.  Ken Crawford stated there will not be a traffic study because the proposal is on a transit corridor.

      Andrea White enquired whether we are expecting a formal position from BRECA.  She stated that she would be reluctant to support the project, but would support neutrality.

      Gay Jones stated that a lot of the progress is due to Don Nottoli’s facilitating community input.

    2. Scheduling Meeting on Presentation of Bradshaw Apartments Proposal
      Bonnie Domeny stated that we should invite Mr. Mammadov to our November meeting.  There was discussion of whether November 26 worked for people, as some people may be out of town.  Lee Leavelle and Andrea White stated that they were unavailable for the 26th.  Bonnie suggested changing the date to the 19th.  It was noted that Mr. Mammadov and Supervisor Nottoli need to be notified of the change.  Lori Christensen volunteered to check with the Library to see if the meeting room is available on that date.  It was also suggested that the church meeting room could be an alternative.
    3. Picnic
      Lori Christensen thanked the people who helped put on the BRECA Picnic: Bonnie Domeny, Rene Hamlin, Andrea White, and Jim Morgan.  She noted that the picnic was on a Saturday this year, but was on a Sunday last year.  There were about the same number of people attending.  Bonnie Domeny stated that there is a reason for choosing Sunday, as Saturday is traditionally sports.  Andrea White suggested that BRECA could do a generic banner similar to the Easter Egg Hunt banner.  We would have to pick one particular day.  Bonnie commented that she liked the idea of a banner for the picnic.
    4. Newsletter
      Jim Morgan reviewed the people who had volunteered to write articles for the upcoming Newsletter, and reminded people that the deadline for drafts is November 5.
    5. From the Floor
      James Adams commented that the Little Free Library is about half full.  Bonnie Domeny stated that she keeps an eye on it, and asks Rene Hamlin to get more books from the thrift store when it gets low.
  1. New Business
    1. Tree Planting
      A member of the audience stated that he had been communicating with people about tree planting in Riviera East Park.  He has coordinated with the Sacramento Tree Foundation and Cordova Recreation and Park District (CRPD).  They have chosen a date: November 23.  They would like to get about 60 volunteers. He also wants BRECA’s endorsement.  There was discussion of some details of the project.  Bonnie enquired whether we could use the BRECA email list to inform people.  It was agreed to do so.  Andrea White commented that typically the CRPD Board would also be invited.
    2. Sacramento Municipal Utility District Correspondence
      Gay Jones reported that the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is looking for ways to communicate with communities on urgent and non-urgent issues.  Gay commented that this is not our responsibility.  Bonnie Domeny stated that she had responded to the SMUD questionnaire.  She also contacted Nextdoor, and they said that SMUD could do a sponsored page, which would cost money.  It was generally agreed that this is not our issue.
    3. From the Floor
      Gay Jones commented that a company is laying fiber optic cables on Stoughton.  Gay stated that they are using Stoughton and Mira Del Rio as a back route because Folsom Blvd. is not available.
      Gay reported that Metro Fire is doing a Community Emergency Response Team training in November.  Interested people should contact Gay.
      James Adams commented that there is a new California American Water General Rate Case starting.  Gay suggested that a better use of our volunteer resources is to work with the Office of Ratepayer Advocates.  [Secretary’s note: The Office of Ratepayer Advocates is now called the Public Advocates Office.]
  1. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting in November 2019, at a date and place to be determined.