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The Newsletters are listed from most recent to oldest. The dates shown indicate when BRECA mailed the newsletter to the members.  Right now,  we don’t link directly to the articles within the newsletters themselves. But trust me, the articles are very easy to find once you open the newsletter!

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November 2020

In this issue:

  • Increased rates for solid waste curbside pickup
  • Casa Linda/Blossom Village Motel
  • BRECA fighting against increasing water rates
  • Kassis property planning
  • Sidewalk improvements on Folsom Boulevard
  • Little Free Library Plaque installed to honor lost BRECA members

December 2019

In this issue:

  • BRECA General Meeting: Emergency Preparedness
  • Message from the Chair
  • Apartment Project Proposed for Folsom Boulevard Near Bradshaw Road
  • BRECA Easter Egg Hunt, Free Little Library Dedication and Pathway Ribbon Cutting, and Potluck in the Park (pictures)
  • New Free Little Library in the Park
  • Riviera East Park Walkway Replacement Project

December 2018

In this issue:

  • BRECA General Meeting: Crime and Homelessness
  • Message from the Chair
  • ARCO Gas Station and Mini Mart Proposal Withdrawn
  • BRECA Easter Egg Hunt, Great American River Clean-up, & Potluck in the Park &  (pictures)
  • Apartment Complex Proposal for Folsom Boulevard
  • Cordova Recreation and Park District to Replace Pathways at Riviera East Park
  • What Does BRECA Do For the Community?

November 2017

In this issue:

  • BRECA General Meeting: Public Safety & Other Issues
  • Message from the Chair
  • What Does BRECA Do?
  • BRECA Potluck in the Park & Easter Egg Hunt (pictures)
  • California American Water Rate Case
  • Good Stuff on the American River Parkway
  • Tidbits About Wild Turkeys

December 2016

In this issue:

  • BRECA General Meeting: Local Development, Planning, Sheriffs, Parks Featured
  • Message from the Chair
  • Great American River Clean Up at Gristmill
  • Neighborhood Yard Sale
  • BRECA Wants to Hear From You!
  • BRECA Potluck in the Park & Easter Egg Hunt (pictures)
  • Good News for the American River Parkway!

December 2015

In this issue:

  • BRECA General Meeting: Law Enforcement, County Code Enforcement, Future Theater Development, and Neighborhood Watch
  • Message from the Chair
  • GRR: What is the Corps of Engineers Planning Now?
  • BRECA Potluck in the Park & Easter Egg Hunt (pictures)
  • Got Grit? – Cal Am Responds

December 2014

In this issue:

  • BRECA General Meeting: Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), The Landing, Regional Transit, upgrades along Folsom Blvd, Code Enforcement, and Problem-Oriented Policing (POP)
  • Message from the Chair
  • Corps of Engineers Proposes “Minor Repair” to Mayhew-Gristmill Levee
  • BRECA is Steward to the Gristmill Area of the Parkway
  • BRECA Potluck in the Park & Easter Egg Hunt (pictures)
  • Folsom Blvd Improvements Begin with the Planting of Trees

November 2013

In this issue:

  • BRECA General Meeting: Law enforcement, code enforcement, firefighting, The Landing, Riverstone Square,and excessive noise concerns
  • Message from the Chair
  • What Is All the Commotion About Nextdoor?
  • Neighborhood and BRECA Work Together to Resolve Vexing Noise Problem
  • One Community: Two School Districts
  • BRECA Potluck in the Park & Easter Egg Hunt (pictures)
  • Port-a-Potty Re-installed at Gristmill Recreation Area
  • Mayhew-Gristmill Levee Project: Upstream Tie-in Inches Forward
  • Fire Near Gristmill Entrance to American River Parkway
  • BRECA’s 1st Ice Cream Social
  • Water Rates Proposed to Go Up Again
  • Failed Auto Shop Provides Opportunity for Non-Profit Thrift
  • Leaves & Detritus; Gutters & Storm Drains

November 2012

In this issue:

  • BRECA General Meeting: Law Enforcement (REPORT! REPORT! REPORT!), County Supervisorial Redistricting, traffic, parks & rec, and code enforcement issues and concerns
  • Message From the Chair: PARTICIPATION
  • Coyotes and Cats
  • SMUD Offers Rebates for Improving Energy Efficiency of Your Home
  • Cal Am Rate Case

July 2011

In this issue:

  • Message from the Chair: “The Long and The Short of It”
  • Mayhew-Gristmill Project: Flood Insurance Relief in Place, but Loose Ends Remain
  • New Play Structure and Egg Hunt at Riviera East Park!
  • “Gristmill Gatherers” Keep Gristmill Entrance to Parkway Open to Vehicles
  • Update: Request for Increases to Our Water Bills

November 2010

In this issue:

  • As Cheap as Water?  – article about proposed 43% rate increase
  • Message from the Chair – Rescue Our Regional Parks
  • Mayhew-Gristmill Levee Project: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • BRECA Potluck in the Park (pictures)

September 2009

In this issue:

  • Flood Protection Work Moving Forward
  • Message from the Chair: Institutional Memory
  • Butterfield Special Planning Area: High Density Zoning Ahead (?)
  • Biodiversity – A Wealth of Species in the American River Parkway
  • BRECA Potluck in the Park (pictures)

August 2008

In this issue:

  • Mayhew-Gristmill Levee Work Underway
  • Message from the Chair
  • High Rise in the Parking Lot?
  • “The Landing” to Replace Sacramento 6 Drive-In
  • Sacramento County Undertaking Sidewalk and Streets Project in BRECA Area
  • BRECA Potluck in the Park (pictures)

July 2007

In this issue:

  • Mayhew Levee Project: Construction Scheduled to Start August 2007`
  • Message from the Chair
  • “The Landing” Traffic Problems Unresolved
  • New SPA Coming to Butterfield
  • Riverstone Square Proposal Approved by Board of Supervisors
  • Rancho Cordova Library to be Expanded
  • Annual BRECA Community Potluck Picnic
  • Neighborhood Pride

March 2007

In this issue:

  • Library Update
  • Message from the Chair
  • Transplanting Begins in Preparation for Levee Work
  • The Landing…
  • BRECA Potluck in the Park (pictures)
  • Conventional Levee Selected for Mayhew Levee Project: Construction Likely in 2007
  • American River Clean-up Day
  • Incorporation
  • Yellow Starthistle Eradication Event
  • Perish the Poop
  • Horn Road Light Rail Station

June 2006

In this issue:

  • Riverstone Square Proposal Continues to Cause Concern
  • Chairman’s Message
  • Are HOV Lanes for Us?
  • Mayhew-Gristmill Levee Project Moving Forward: Construction Likely in 2007
  • Parents in the Park!!
  • FYI — Rancho Cordova Library to be Moved?
  • Get Ready for Another Great BRECA Community End-of-Summer Potluck Picnic in the Park!
  • Yellow Starthistle Pull Piled Up the Bags

December 2005

In this issue:

  • Mayhew-Gristmill Levee Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Report Released for Review
  • Chairman’s Message
  • 8th Annual BRECA Potluck in the Park (pictures)
  • The Landing…Is the Third Time the Charm?
  • Riverstone Square Proposal Nears a Decision

June 2005

In this issue:

  • Riverstone Square Proposal Would Pack Them In
  • Chairman’s Message
  • Flood Protection: Environmental Impact Statement/Report Process Begins
  • Bradshaw Landing (or still up in the air?)
  • Yellow Starthistle Eradication Project Gains New Allies
  • CORPAC is Back
  • BRECA Adds Second Web Site –
  • AMERICA – 21st Annual Rancho Cordova Hometown 4th of July

December 2004

In this issue:

  • Coming Attractions(?) (aka Bradshaw Landing)
  • Chairman’s Message
  • Flood Protection: Portions of BRECA Area to Receive Flood Insurance Relief in 2005
  • BRECA 2004 Financial Audit
  • Problems at Bradshaw Light Rail Crossing (aka Bradshaw Crossing Guard)
  • 7th Annual BRECA Potluck in the Park (pictures)
  • Development Planned on Folsom Blvd. Across from the Butterfield Light Rail Station

June 2004

In this issue:

  • Landscaping at Butterfield and Folsom Completed (At Last)
  • Chairman’s Message
  • Flood Protection: Putting the Cart Before the Horse
  • CORPAC Sacked
  • Butch Hodgkins Retires
  • Are You Ready?
  • BRECA’s New Web Site

December 2002

In this issue:

More back issues of the newsletters are coming soon!


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