Brief History of Our Area

While the Association began in 1997, the two neighborhoods are much older. In the late 1960’s, home construction began on the south side of the river in what was at that time hop fields. In the mid 60’s, a large, local home builder, M.J. Brock and Sons, began to construct the houses in the unincorporated County to the east of Watt Avenue. Called Larchmont Riviera, it was very successful and in 1969, the builder began work on Larchmont Riviera East. It was located north of Folsom Boulevard where Bradshaw Road began.

In the late 1800’s that intersection was the site of Peterson’s American House, one of the way stations along the Folsom Road as it went from downtown Sacramento out to the Community of Mills and on to the mines. The original Sacramento Valley Railroad buillt by Theodore Judah for the Big Four, paralleled the road, and Peterson’s property was located at 10 miles out from downtown.

M.J. Brock named this new subdivision Riviera East, and assigned water related place names to all the streets within the area. The home lots along the river at the top of Bradshaw were all sold as custom home lots, and the neighborhood grew to the west on property that Carroll Brock had purchased from the Oki Family, a large local commercial nursery family. Their home site and two story ranch house continues to exist today at the top of Hyannis Way, although the ownership has changed.

In 1974, as sales of Riviera East were coming to a close, Brock purchased a black walnut orchard to the west and began construction on their Butterfield neighborhood. Streets in Butterfield were named for stage stops along the Butterfield Stage route.

In the mid-80’s, an abandoned freeway route was purchased by Pacific Scene Home Builders, and the homes on either side of Stoughton Way were constructed. Stoughton is also uniquely the route of the Regional Sanitation sewer line, installed underground in 1977.

This combination of homes styles and neighborhoods continues to enjoy excellent home values and many original residents. It was convenient to Mather Air Force Base, and many people stationed there bought homes and retired in the BRECA area. Long time residents have reached the grand parent stage, and the neighborhood continues to be active with little people as young families move here to enjoy the ten acre Riviera East park and the unique experience of living along the American River Parkway.

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