Butterfield-Riviera East Community Association By-Laws

Article 1

Name: This name of this organization shall be the Butterfield-Riviera East Community Association (“the Association”). It shall be incorporated under this name as a non-profit organization in accordance with the laws of the State of California.

Article 2

Goals: The goals of the association are to promote citizen involvement and enhance the community.

Article 3

Membership: Membership in the Association is available to individuals or households who meet all the following criteria:
1. Are 18 years of age or older.
2. Have paid membership dues. Yearly dues are to be determined by the Steering Committee. Members in arrears of payment of dues forfeit all benefits and privileges of membership.
3. Reside, own property, own a business, or represent a business within the boundaries of the Association.
4. The boundaries of the Association are:
South: Folsom Blvd.,
North: American River,
West: the Mayhew Drain,
East: Paseo Rio Way (including both sides of the street).

Article 4

Steering Committee: The Steering Committee shall consist of 9 members. Five (5) Steering Committee members shall constitute a quorum at any Steering Committee meeting. Steering Committee members will serve for a 1 year term.

The Steering Committee shall be elected by secret ballot by members in good standing. Elections shall be held in March of each year. Nominations for election to the Steering Committee may be submitted by any member in good standing. Provided that the nominee concurs, his or her name shall be placed upon the ballot. Each membership is entitled to one vote; each membership can vote for up to 9 different members of the Steering Committee. The highest vote recipients shall become the Steering Committee. Steering Committee members shall take office 30 days after the elections.

Steering Committee members who wish to resign shall submit a written resignation. If a Steering Committee member misses more than 3 consecutive Steering Committee meetings, the Steering Committee may remove the member from the Steering Committee. Should a member of the Steering Committee resign or be removed, the Steering Committee shall replace the member with the highest vote recipient who was not elected, or another member of the Association, or hold another election.

Article 5

Officers: The Steering Committee shall select a Chairperson and Co-chairperson, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. The Chairperson and Co-chairperson shall preside over meetings of the Steering Committee and of the general membership, or delegate such responsibility. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse the funds of the Association, and keep appropriate records thereof. A bank account in the name of the Association shall be maintained. The signature of the Treasurer and one other member of the Steering Committee shall be required to disburse funds from the account. The Treasurer shall make a yearly report of the income and expenditures of the Association to the Steering Committee and the general membership. There shall be a yearly audit of the books by 3 members of the Association who are selected by the Steering Committee, but are not members of the Steering Committee. The Secretary shall keep records of the meetings of the Steering Committee and the general membership, and a list of the members of the Association. The Chairperson or Secretary shall sign all contracts or other written communications.

Article 6

General operations of the Association: The Steering Committee shall hold at least 1 general membership meeting per year. The Steering Committee shall hold regularly scheduled meetings. Members shall have the right to attend Steering Committee meetings and to bring proposals for activities or positions to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall decide to approve or disapprove a proposal based upon whether it is consistent with the goals and policies of the Association and the availability of resources. The Steering Committee may designate an individual or committee to undertake activities. The Steering Committee shall oversee the work of designated individuals and committees. The Steering Committee shall notify members of general meetings, and provide members with minutes of Steering Committee or general membership meetings upon request of the member.

Article 7

Referendums: Referendums may be called so that the Steering Committee may determine the opinions of the membership on an issue or question, or, so that members who disagree with Steering Committee decisions can appeal to the general membership. Referendums may be initiated by either a vote of one less than a majority of the members of the Steering Committee or by petition of 20% of the membership. Referendums shall be conducted by a secret mail ballot to the membership. The majority vote of the referendum shall be binding, provided that 40% or more of the members vote. Expenses associated with the referendum shall be paid by those seeking the referendum, unless waived by a majority of the Steering Committee or referendum voters.

Article 8

Amendments to By-Laws: These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members responding.

Article 9

Dissolution: In case of dissolution, the assets of the Association are to be used as follows:
1. To pay all indebtedness of the Association;
2. To pay all expenses of liquidation;
3. The remainder to be donated to such non-profit organizations as may be designated by the Steering Committee or vote of the membership at the time of dissolution.

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