Local Events Encourage Residents to Come Together.
As changes occurred along Folsom Boulevard, and a lack of adequate funding for Sacramento County services resulted in an inability to manage the unincorporated County area, local residents began to look more closely at issues that affected the neighborhoods. In response to a proposed undesirable project along Folsom Boulevard, residents came together to form the Butterfield-Riviera East Community Association.

Working with other Rancho Cordova organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Cordova Community Planning Advisory Council, BRECA was successful in opposing the project, and a Community Association was born.

BRECA Grows and Thrives.
Since its beginning in 1997, BRECA has continued to be an effective voice in commenting on local issues and projects ranging from the growth of the Franchise Tax Board to Flood Protection. Lead by a Steering Committee elected from the membership at large, the association also works on bringing the community together in annual events such as the Picnic in Riviera East Park.

The Steering Committee meets each month, on the fourth Tuesday at the Rancho Cordova Library at 9845 Folsom Boulevard. The Steering Committee hopes to see everyone at meetings to give their input on goals and objectives for the Community.

Mailing Address
PO Box 276274
Sacramento, CA 95827

If you have any questions or comments during our time of transition please contact BRECA

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