BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – February 27, 2024

DATE: February 27, 2024
PLACE: Rancho Cordova Library

9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA

MEETING TYPE: BRECA Steering Committee Meeting
James Adams
Paul Bowers
Lori Christensen
Ken Crawford
Rene Hamlin
Gay Jones
Jim Morgan
Debbie Purvis
Andrea White
1. Call to Order by Chair Gay Jones
2. Welcome and Introductions
3. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
4. Communications
Gay Jones stated that she had received a communication from a BRECA member complaining
about the fact that half of the street was repaved in his area but not the other half. She
commented that there have been a couple of meetings about streets. There is a new County
rule that if a utility does work, they must repave at least half of the street. Paul Bowers
commented that Verizon had trenched Stoughton Way, and had to repave half of the street.
Also, the County did sidewalks, curbs and gutters. A member of the audience commented
that there is a cul-de-sac off of Bradshaw that is all gravel. They must have forgotten about
that street. Andrea White commented that at a BRECA General Meeting a while ago a
County representative said that someone is supposed to inspect the work, otherwise call the
County about it. Gay Jones commented that the County has way more street maintenance
needs that it has money for those needs. She asked whether Steering Committee members
want BRECA members communications forwarded? The response was yes.

Minutes from January 23, 2024
Andrea White made a motion to adopt the draft minutes from January 23, 2024. James
Adams seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.
6. Reports
a. Budget Committee and Treasurer
Andrea White reviewed the proposed budget for 2024. The proposed budget has total revenue
of $2,500, total expenditures of $3,145, leaving a total decrease in reserves of $645.00.
BRECA has $7,741.99 in the bank. There was discussion of the budget. Paul Bowers made a
motion to adopt the proposed budget. Debbie Purvis seconded the motion. The motion was
approved unanimously.
b. Membership
Jim Morgan reported that BRECA has 85 memberships.
Gay Jones reported that there had been a Cordova Community Planning and Advisory
Council (CORPAC) meeting, but no items were discussed that directly affected the BRECA
7. Old Business
a. Corps Erosion Control Proposal
Jim Morgan briefly recapped the Corps of Engineers erosion protection proposed project.
The Corps is proposing to put various rock structures, mostly covered with soil and
revegetated, between Howe Ave. and Watt Ave. on the north side of the American River, and
between Watt Ave. and Larchmont Park on the South Side. An environmental document
including the proposed project was released in December 2023, with a comment period that
just closed. BRECA submitted comments on the proposal.
James Adams stated that there was quite a lot of community input on the environmental
document. He suspects there will have to be a public meeting on the project. Debbie Purvis
enquired what impetus is there for the Corps to listen? Jim Morgan responded that the Corps
must respond to comments submitted on the environmental document. A member of the
audience enquired what is the need for the proposed work? Jim Morgan responded that they
want to be able to convey a larger amount of water that the present system will hold. James
Adams commented that the environmental documents did not really justify the project. Paul
Bower commented that 160,000 cubic feet per second can be released from the dam, and they
want to be able to safely convey that amount.
Gay Jones commented that BRECA was involved with the Corps on the Gristmill project, and
she does not have a high degree of confidence in the Corps. The rationale for that project was
similar, but the Corps keeps moving the goal posts. Previous revetment (rock) work has been
done on the south side upstream from Watt Ave. Some of the proposals in the new project
have never been done before, so the proposal should be paused to see how the similar project
near Sacramento State works out.

James Adams commented that the proposal has significant impacts on tribal resources, and
the Corps should have contact with tribal groups. He also commented that some party may
take the Corps to court if adequate changes are not made to the environmental document. The
American River Trees group or the Preserve the American River group may sue.
A member of the audience enquired about the homeless and damage to the bank? James
Adams commented that the homeless mostly leave trash. A member of the audience
disagreed, stating that sometimes they dig into the bank. This was reported, and the homeless
have been moved out.
b. Floor
Gay Jones enquired whether the problems at the Eclectic Center were articulated to Barry
Chamberlain at the General Meeting? Paul Bowers commented that Mr. Chamberlain was
complimentary about the Eclectic Center management.
Debbie Purvis commented that the Synergy group had offered at the General Meeting to have
an open house for BRECA. There have been several people from Synergy on their street. We
should take them up on the offer and ask what dates would work?
Andrea White commented that the BRECA Easter Egg Hunt will be on March 30. She needs
egg stuffing volunteers March 29. She also needs more volunteers to staff the event. She will
make the flyer, and put up signs the week before.
8. New Business
a. Activity at North-East Corner of Bradshaw and Folsom
Gay Jones enquired what is going on at the north-east corner of Bradshaw and Folsom? Ken
Crawford commented that it is a fast food pop-up, and they have a generator. There is also a
homeless group living in the parking lot. A member of the audience commented that he and
his family have eaten at the pop-up, and it is OK. Gay stated that we need to find out if they
are permitted. Ken also commented that there is an abandoned car near the entrance. The
owner is not calling for it to be removed because they would have to pay for it. Gay will
make phone calls.
b. Cutting of Trees and Bushes at Gristmill
Gay Jones reported that in December there were bushes and trees cleared near a social trail
near the Gristmill parking lot. Also, some bushes were cut downstream of the Mayhew Drain.
Both were near the trails and piled up on the sides of the trails.
c. Floor
A member of the audience observed that there is an ad hoc memorial at the south-west corner
of Bradshaw and Folsom, and enquired if anybody knew what is was for? There was no
Lori Christensen enquired whether there was a sign for the BRECA picnic? A member of the
audience responded that he had called on it, and a 40 inches by six foot sign would cost seven
dollars per square foot. Andrea White enquired whether a sign would make the picnic a
special event in the park, which would require insurance? The member of the audience stated
he would make a mock-up of the sign.

9. Meeting adjourned.
The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting at the Rancho Cordova Library on
March 26, 2024.

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