BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – October 24, 2023


download the original minutes in doc format: Min F 10-23

DATE: October 24, 2023
PLACE: Rancho Cordova Library

9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA

MEETING TYPE: BRECA Steering Committee Meeting
James Adams
Lori Christensen
Ken Crawford
Rene Hamlin
Gay Jones
Jim Morgan
Debbie Purvis
Andrea White

Paul Bowers

1. Call to Order by Co-Chair Rene Hamlin
2. Welcome and Introductions
3. Public Comment
4. Minutes of September 26, 2023
James Adams made a motion to adopt the draft minutes. Andrea White seconded the motion.
The motion was approved unanimously.
5. Reports
a. Treasurer
Andrea White stated that BRECA has received over the budgeted amount of income for the
year. The bank balance is $7,543.23.

b. Membership

Jim Morgan reported that BRECA added two new memberships for a total of 87

6. Updates
a. Trumark Project
James Adams stated that the Trumark proposal is to build a residential project on west side of
Rancho Cordova. Part of it involves building in the flood plain. The Rancho Cordova City
Council is meeting at this time to decide if the project is consistent with Rancho Cordova’s
policies, zoning, etc. One important question is whether an Environmental Impact Report is
required, and, if so, who is to prepare the report. Debbie Purvis commented that there will be
a traffic impact also, even if there is development only above the floodplain.
b. Little Free Library
Andrea White reported that the Little Free Library was installed in Riviera East Park before
the BRECA picnic. There are already books in the Little Free Library.

7. Old Business
a. Picnic in the Park
Lori Christensen reported that the BRECA annual picnic in the park was held October 1.
There was a piñata, and kids from the park saw it and came over. They cracked it open and
had lots of fun. There were a lot of wasps. Maybe in the future we should have a banner for
the picnic that can be put up in the park to attract more people for the picnic.
b. Website Policy for Approval of Posts
There was no discussion of this item.
c. American River Erosion Protection
Jim Morgan gave a presentation on “Contract 3B” proposed erosion protection work on the
Lower American River between the Mayhew Drain and Howe Ave. He distributed a handout
that was mainly from slides at a presentation by William Polk, Senior Project Manager with
the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), at the September Lower American River Task Force
The process began in 2015 with the General Reevaluation Report by the Corps and state and
local agencies. The plan is to be able to release more water into the channel: 160,000 cubic
feet per second (cfs) compared to the previous 115,000 cfs. As a result, there is greater
potential for erosion that could result in levee failure. The planning process involved the
Corps as well as local and state agencies and other stakeholders. Many sites along the Lower
American River have been identified that need work, based on hydrological and geological
information. Higher priority sites have already had much work done, and are soon to be
planted to establish vegetation over the work.
There are several discrete sites proposed between Howe Ave. and the Mayhew Drain.
Different sites will have different treatments, including soil filled levee revetment (rocks), soil
filled bank revetment, or launchable rock trench with planting benches. Available
information is not clear on which treatment will be applied to which site. There is to be an
environmental document scheduled for release in December 2023 which will hopefully have more information on this. There is also to be a public meeting in December. Public comment
is to be accepted through January 2024. Jim also pointed out that the proposed project has a
much reduced environmental impact compared to an earlier version of the project. The acres
of Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle habitat and riparian habitat lost have each been reduced
by about 2/3s and salmonid habitat loss has been reduced by about 1/2. Still there will be
significant impacts. For example over 1,000 trees are expected to be lost.
Two members of the audience commented that they are troubled by the lack of supporting
data on site selection and design. There will be a devastating removal of trees. They stated
that they think there is time for push back on the proposal, noting that the National Park
Service has not yet given approval for the project, and requesting signatures on a petition.

8. From the Floor.

9. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting at the Rancho Cordova Library on November 28, 2023.

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