BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2023


download the original minutes in doc format: Min F 9-23

DATE: September 26, 2023
PLACE: Rancho Cordova Library

9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA

MEETING TYPE: BRECA Steering Committee Meeting
James Adams
Paul Bowers
Lori Christensen
Rene Hamlin
Jim Morgan
Debbie Purvis
Andrea White
Ken Crawford
Gay Jones
1. Call to Order by Co-Chair Rene Hamlin
2. Welcome and Introductions
3. New Business
4. Old Business
a. American River Clean Up
Lori Christensen reported on the American River Clean Up. BRECA worked with the
American River Parkway Foundation (ARPF) on the clean up at the Gristmill site. Lori gave
out bags, had people sign waivers, etc. Comcast sent about 30 volunteers to the Gristmill site,
many from far away. Lori estimated about 1,000 pounds of trash and recyclables were picked
up, although there was not a scale for measurement. ARPF estimated around 23,000 pounds
were picked up at all sites. Altogether there were a total of 43 people at the Gristmill site.
James Adams commented that there was a homeless camp that had moved and left stuff
behind. They cleaned up the stuff that was left. Lori further commented that they did a good
job, with about twice as many people and pounds of trash and recyclables as last year.
b. Picnic in the Park

Min F 9-23.doc 2
Lori Christensen stated that next Sunday, October 1, is the date for the annual BRECA picnic.
Andrea White commented that she is working on games, including a piñata with candy. She
got a permit from the Cordova Recreation and Park District (CRPD). She also commented
that most groups that use the park have insurance, and we may need it next time.
Rick Sloan, a member of the CRPD Board, commented that the new Little Free Library
should be installed by Sunday. Andrea stated that the base had been poured today, and the
Little Free Library should be installed Thursday.
c. Web Site
Jim Morgan reported that the BRECA web site is looking good, although there is still work to
do. It needs more articles about local events. The web site committee wants to bring a
question about approval of items for the web site. By default, regular content such as meeting
agendas, approved minutes and event notices (e.g. the clean up and the picnic) are being
posted. For unusual content, such as the proposed Butterfield Station Apartments article, the
web site committee wants to know if the Steering Committee prefers a designated individual,
the web site committee, or the Steering Committee to approve posting. Andrea White stated
that she would like the articles be approved by the Steering Committee. Rene Hamlin agreed.
Debbie Purvis commented that immediate events, such as a meeting to attend, should just be
posted. It was agreed to do postings this way.
A member of the audience commented that there is no BRECA logo on the home page. Paul
Bowers stated that the logo is on all other pages, and they are working on putting it on the
home page.
Andrea commented that our web site administrator is to provide some instruction on how to
work on the web site. We should have more than one person able to do things.
d. Trumark Project
James Adams stated that the Trumark proposal is to build a large number of homes on a large
property on the west side of Rancho Cordova. It involves building in the flood plain. Rancho
Cordova is the lead agency on the project. The group Preserve the American River is putting
on an event about this on October 1. In late October the Rancho Cordova City Council is to
make a decision on the project. The head of the Planning Commission has stated that they
will recommend that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) be prepared. It is also possible
that a Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration would be prepared instead.
Debbie Purvis asked whether the Rancho Cordova City Council would give us weight, as we
are outside of Rancho Cordova? A member of the audience commented that there would be
traffic impacts on our community, so we should have a say. Another member of the audience
commented that there are too many impacts to do a Mitigated Negative Declaration. An EIR
is better, as it would have a public comment period.
Rick Sloan, a member of the Cordova Recreation and Park Board, commented that there is not
enough park land dedicated in the proposed plan.
James commented that many people believe that the Rancho Cordova City Council is pro-
business, and will likely approve the project. Jim Morgan asked that James notify the
Steering Committee when the City Council meeting is to happen. He agreed to do so.
e. Special December BRECA meeting

Min F 9-23.doc 3
Rene Hamlin reported that Gay Jones has reserved the Library meeting room for December
12, in case we need a meeting.
f. Holiday Gathering at Brookside December 19
Rene Hamlin reported that arrangements have been made to have a holiday gathering at
Brookside on December 19.
5. Minutes of August 22, 2023
Jim Morgan reported that an amendment to the draft minutes for August 22, 2023 had been
proposed and accepted. Andrea White made a motion to adopt the amended draft minutes.
James Adams seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.
6. Reports/Updates
a. Treasurer
Andrea White stated that there were no changes in the most recent period. The bank balance
is $7,287.58.
b. Membership
Jim Morgan reported that BRECA has a total of 85 memberships.
c. Neighborhood Watch
Debbie Purvis reported that there is a new person running the Neighborhood Watch program.
She encouraged people to form Neighborhood Watches in their neighborhoods.
7. From the Floor
8. Meeting adjourned.
The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting at the Rancho Cordova Library on
October 24, 2023.

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