BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – July 25, 2023




DATE: July 25, 2023


PLACE:  Rancho Cordova Library
9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA


MEETING TYPE:  BRECA Steering Committee Meeting



James Adams

Paul Bowers

Lori Christensen 

Ken Crawford

Rene Hamlin

Gay Jones

Jim Morgan

Debbie Purvis


Andrea White


  1. Call to Order by Co-chair Gay Jones
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. Presentation by Psynergy Representative

Lynda Kaufmann, representing Psynergy Programs, spoke about the newly established operation just east of the BRECA area.  (Secretary’s note: This was the former site of Stacie’s Chalet, an assisted living facility.)  She stated that the site is a licensed board and care facility.  Individuals have mental health diagnosis, but about 55% of clients have other medical conditions as well.  It is a modified therapeutic community with rehabilitation support including psychiatrists and nurses.  The clients generally have court ordered treatment under the Lanterman/Petris/Short Act.  Each client has an individualized treatment plan.  The plan can include education and vocational training as well as therapeutic interventions.  Clients have the right to say no to being in the program.  She invited us to tour the facility.  She stated that Psynergy has a number of other locations.

There were several questions from the audience.  Lori Christensen asked how may people they are licensed for?  Ms. Kaufmann stated that this facility is licensed for 80 people, and actually has 60 people currently.  Debbie Purvis asked whether there is someone who manages activities?  Ms. Kaufmann stated that they have a program manager and coordinator.  Debbie also asked about staff turnover?  Ms. Kaufmann stated that it is high.  Debbie also asked about clients walking around the neighborhood, and whether they have supervision?  Ms. Kaufmann stated that they have graduated supervision, depending upon the individual client.  Gay Jones asked how many staff they have?  Ms. Kaufmann they have 32 staff at this facility, but also have reserves when someone is out.  Jim Morgan asked further about supervision of clients when outside the facility?  Ms. Kaufmann stated that clients have the right to leave when they want.  They may walk with staff, with a peer leader, or with clinicians.  Psynergy does not encourage people to go outside the facility.  

A member of the audience stated that it scares him that clients may have a psychotic episode, or bad drug reaction, and that the facility is next door to a library with kids.  They asked shouldn’t we have been notified when they moved in?  Ms. Kaufmann stated that they had to move quickly when the previous facility closed, and that it was a challenging process.  She further stated that this facility does not have registered sex offenders.  Debbie Purvis stated that she lives on the street that backs up to the Psynergy facility and she sees people from the facility on the street.  She has grandchildren at her house, and it is not a positive experience.  Ms. Kaufmann stated that staff from the facility should have name tags.

Gay Jones asked what to do if there is an issue with the clients?  Ms. Kaufmann stated that if it a dangerous situation call 988, which is better than 911, because they can get psychiatric help.  If there are concerns about this facility, call Crystal Roberts at 408-767-8171 or herself at 408-833-5115 or Ednita Gardenhire at 408-465-8280 extension 3.

Paul Bowers asked if they have smoking in the building?  Ms. Kaufmann stated yes.  They do not want clients outside of the building smoking.  Paul also asked if people leave and not come back?  Ms. Kaufman stated yes.  Paul also asked what is the average stay at the facility?  Ms. Kaufmann stated it is from 18 to 24 months.  They want clients to graduate, but often they can’t find a place to move people to.  Debbie Purvis stated that she would encourage them to minimize smoking outside the facility.

  1. Presentation from SMUD Representatives Regarding Proposed Rate Hikes

Trevor Derrett, a Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) representative, stated that SMUD has a Board of Directors that live in the community.  SMUD wants rate increases for a number of reasons, including downed power lines and inflation.  They have tried to find savings in expenditures by refinancing bonds and getting grants.  The proposed rate increases are 2.75% in January 2024 and 2.75% in May 2024, with the same in 2025.  He pointed out that Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has about 40% higher rates than SMUD does.  They also intend to improve the situation for low income people.  They help customers with rebates for energy efficiency: Google SMUD and rebates.  There will be a workshop on the proposed increases on August 3.

There were a number of questions and comments from the audience.  A member of the audience asked whether the high rate from 5 to 8 pm has had an impact on use of electricity?  Brett Korven, another SMUD representative, responded yes, and the effect has increased every year.  Another member of the audience stated that for California American Water (Cal Am), when water use went down during the drought, they increased the water rates to make up for it.  Mr. Derrett stated that that has an effect, but they expect more use incoming from the transition to electric power, e.g. the electric car mandate.  Paul Bowers commented that SMUD talks about cheap electricity, but 32 cents/kilowatt hour from 5 to 8 pm is not cheap.  Mr. Korven commented that SMUD’s General Manager works hard to keep rates down.  Paul also commented that splitting up the rate increase makes it seem smaller, but the compounded increase comes to 11.5%.  Another member of the audience asked whether the base fee for service is going up?  Mr. Korven stated that both the base fee and the usage fee are going up.  Jim Morgan pointed out that the comparison to PG&E is not entirely fair, as PG&E pays property taxes, and SMUD does not.  A better comparison would be to Roseville Electric, which has essentially the same rates as SMUD.  He also asked how much of the rate increase is due to SMUD’s effort to achieve zero net carbon by 2030?  Mr. Derrett commented that some of it is.  The SMUD representatives did not know how much, but promised to get back to us with an answer.  Paul Bowers asked whether they pay PG&E for use of their transmission lines?  Mr. Korven responded yes, but it is a complicated interconnection.  Gay Jones asked how much does SMUD use other transmission lines?  The SMUD representatives did not know, but would get back with an answer.

  1. Non-agenda Items From the Public

A member of the audience stated that they do gardening work on the triangle of land at the intersection of Butterfield Way and Linda Rio Dr.  They have been working on it for 8 years, and it looks nice.  They asserted that a number of years ago the land was offered to BRECA, but BRECA declined the offer because nobody wanted to maintain it.  Gay Jones stated that BRECA was not offered that small parcel of land.  Paul Bowers asked if Cordova Park and Recreation District (CRPD) accepts donations?  Rick Sloan, a member of the CRPD Board, stated that it is too small, and maintenance and development would be a problem.  Jim Morgan stated that he would be okay with the member of the audience owning it, but not BRECA, owing to taxes, insurance, and other issues.  Gay Jones stated that she would support BRECA supporting the member of the audience obtaining ownership.  Paul Bowers stated that we should get some entity to own in perpetuity, e.g. the County or CRPD.  James Adams stated that there is no urgency, as nobody has plans to develop the large property adjacent to the small parcel at Butterfield and Linda Rio.  Lori Christensen stated that about 15 years ago the Riverstone Square proposal included an entrance from Linda Rio, so potentially someone would be interested in it.  It might be better to just leave alone, as BRECA would not want it due to taxes and insurance issues.  Gay Jones reiterated that she can support the member of the audience getting ownership, and it would be better to do now, before a proposal for the big project comes up.  James Adams stated we would need to do outreach, and find out if the owner of the small parcel is willing to donate or sell the small parcel.  The member of the audience commented that they have the name of the owner.  Gay Jones suggested that the member of the audience get specifics and get back to BRECA.

  1. Report on Supervisors’ Meeting Regarding Transportation Issues

James Adams reported on a recent meeting conducted by Supervisors Hume and Desmond focusing on funding for work on street pavement.  County wide, many streets are in poor or very poor condition.  The worse the condition, the more it costs to fix.  The audience was mostly interested in Watt Ave.  The Supervisors want to put $100 million into work on Watt Ave.  Ken Crawford commented that the County does not have enough money, so roads continue to get worse.  Road repair is one of the lower priorities.  Sidewalks and bike lanes have higher priority.  James Adams commented that the meeting was held at the Rancho Cordova Library, and the room was about three quarters full.

  1. Minutes of June 27, 2023

Jim Morgan reported that an amendment to the draft minutes had been proposed and accepted.  Ken Crawford made a motion to adopt the amended draft minutes for June 27, 2023.  James Adams seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

  1. Reports/Updates
  2. Treasurer


  1. Membership

Jim Morgan reported that BRECA has a total of 85 memberships.


Gay Jones reported that there was no meeting of the Cordova Community Planning and Advisory Council (CORPAC).

  1. Old Business
  2. Eclectic Center Report and Possible Outreach

There was no additional action on the Eclectic Center.

  1. Little Free Library Update

Gay Jones and Debbie Purvis stated that members of the community were working on the Little Free Library.

  1. Website

Gay Jones reported that we have a volunteer who is working on the website.  We need to have a meeting with the current web site “owner” to transfer ownership.

  1. New Business
  2. New Neighborhood Watch

Debbie Purvis reported that there is a new person in charge of Neighborhood Watch programs.

  1. Zoom Account

Gay Jones commented that the BRECA Zoom account has been cancelled.

  1. Details of August and September BRECA Meetings

There was discussion about some details of the upcoming August and September BRECA meetings.

  1. From the Floor


  1. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting at the Rancho Cordova Library on August 22, 2023.

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