BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – June 27, 2023



DATE: June 27, 2023

PLACE:  Rancho Cordova Library
9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA

MEETING TYPE:  BRECA Steering Committee Meeting


James Adams

Lori Christensen 

Ken Crawford

Rene Hamlin

Gay Jones

Jim Morgan


Debbie Purvis

Andrea White


  1. Call to Order by Co-chair Gay Jones
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. Seating of Incoming Steering Committee Members and Selection of Officers

Jim Morgan read out the names of the incoming (2023/2024) Steering Committee members:

James Adams
Paul Bowers
Lori Christensen
Ken Crawford
Gay Jones
Rene Hamlin
Jim Morgan
Debbie Purvis
Andrea White

Gay Jones nominated Jim Morgan for Secretary and Andrea White for Treasurer.  James Adams seconded the nominations.  The nominations were approved unanimously.  Lori Christensen nominated Gay Jones for Chair and Rene Hamlin for Co-Chair.  James Adams seconded the nominations.  The nominations were approved unanimously.

  1. Community Emergency Response Team (Metro Fire CERT) Presentation

Gay Jones stated that members of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) assist emergency responders.

Linda Ford, a CERT team member, stated that CERT is an all-volunteer group.  They support Metro Fire.  They have put in 300 volunteer hours this year.  They might do things like sit at downed power lines and warn people away while waiting for Sacramento Municipal Utility District personnel to arrive.  They also do standby medical at public events.  There is a basic class one must have to become a CERT volunteer.  It includes disaster preparedness, fire suppression and search and rescue.  There is an emergency scenario drill.  The next class starts in October.

Ken Sakamoto, also a CERT team member, stated that he is a medical trainer, and they do support for Emergency Medical Technicians.  For example, at a recent Bayside Church gathering there were about 1,000 people, and CERT did first aid.

Ms. Ford stated that there is an expectation of each member to contribute 24 hours of volunteer time each year.  She noted that volunteers run the program.

  1. TruMark (Kassis) Project Update

Mark Berry with Preserve the American River (PAR) stated that the TruMark (Kassis) project is at a critical stage.  The original proposal landed in August 2020.  Rancho Cordova asked for a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) document for the proposal.  More recently there was a revised proposal under SB 330, with twice as many homes.  It is the authority of the city to review the project.  The main problem with the proposal remains that it would build in a designated floodway of the Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB).  They would fill in part of the project area, moving about 275,000 cubic yards of fill.  The potential for flooding is a health and safety issue.  Rancho Cordova Planning has until July 12 to review the submittal to see if it is complete.  Later on there will be a chance for public comment.  Documents on the project can be found on the Rancho Cordova web site under SB 330 application.  Prominent issues include flooding potential and traffic impacts.  Also, the Save the American River Association has hired a biologist who has observed 123 species on the land, some with special status.

Brenda Gustin, also with PAR reiterated that there is a health and safety risk.  This January, the river was about 4 feet below the land surface elevation.  The TruMark proposal is to build up the lower area of the project.  Flood control people are concerned about losing the infiltration area.  The new plan from the CVFPB emphasizes not filling in floodways, but trying to expand them.

Mr. Berry commented that the project would have houses 20 feet back from the edge of the river bluff.  Recreational use would erode the bank, and they would eventually need rip rap to protect the bluff.

Paul Bowers enquired how many entrances would there be.  Mr. Berry responded that there would be two entrances, one off of Folsom Blvd. and another off of Sterling Park Dr.  James Adams enquired whether TruMark is preparing an environmental document?  Mr. Berry responded that TruMark is saying that a negative declaration is adequate.  A member of the audience enquired how far the bluff has receded in the last 10 or 20 years?  Mr. Berry responded that an adjacent property lost 10 feet in one storm.  Ms. Gustin stated that they have photos from 1986 showing the lower terrace flooded.

Jim Morgan commented that SB 330 envisions preparing a CEQA document when needed.  Also, a permit from the CVFPB is needed for the infill.  Another issue is that the amount of urban parkland is way too small: 1.9 acres compared to a required 4.7 acres based on the Rancho Cordova Municipal Code.

Mr. Berry stated that this is game day.  TruMark is not going away and not going to do anything they are not forced to do.  He also stated that they would like Sacramento County to maintain the easements that run through the property.  There is a strong argument that the County owns the easements, not Rancho Cordova.  Rancho Cordova wants to abandon the easements.

Gay Jones commented that the head of the Cordova Recreation and Park District, Patrick Larkin, has stated that they want full parkland dedication on site, no in lieu fees.

Ms. Gustin stated that there is a petition opposing the project, which was circulated at the meeting.  She also pointed out that the Rancho Cordova General Plan under Health and Safety discourages the use of fill to create housing.

Mr. Berry gave out his phone number (916-704-2238) and email address ().

  1. Non-agenda Items From the Public


  1. Minutes of April 25, 2023

Ken Crawford made a motion to adopt the draft minutes for May 23, 2023.  Gay Jones seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

  1. Reports/Updates
  2. Treasurer

Treasurer Andrea White was not present.  A profit and loss statement to June 27, 2023 was distributed.  As of June 27, the bank balance was $7,221.96. 

  1. Membership

Jim Morgan reported that BRECA has added one member, for a total of 85 memberships.


Gay Jones reported that the meeting of the Cordova Planning and Advisory Council (CORPAC) did not consider any issues directly relevant to the BRECA area.


  1. Old Business
  2. Eclectic Center Report and Possible Outreach

A member of the audience reported that Gay Jones and her went to the Eclectic Center and took photos, etc.  Eight out of 18 storefronts are currently for rent.  Problems include a large, wet pothole, overgrown vegetation and graffiti.  One shop owner called the property manager, but the property manager turned it back to the shop owner.  Gay Jones stated that they have the property manager’s name and contact information.  She would like to send a letter to the property manager in an effort to improve the situation.  It was agreed to do so.

  1. Little Free Library Update

A member of the audience stated that the new Little Free Library for Riviera East Park is in Debbie Purvis’s garage.  Rick Sloan, with the Cordova Recreation and Park District, commented that he had talked with Patrick Larkin, and they will work with BRECA to get the work done.

  1. Website

Gay Jones reported that we may have volunteers to work on the website.  She worked with the current website manager to post the agenda.

  1. New Business
  2. Outreach to New Business Next to Library

A member of the audience reported that the Chalet has been taken over by another company: Psynergy.  It is now a residential facility.  Residents have been observed sitting on the Library lawn and smoking.  She stated that she would like to have the manager of the facility come talk to BRECA.  She would like to know what sort of supervision of the residents there is.  It was agreed to ask the manager to come talk to BRECA.

  1. Great American River Clean-Up

Lori Christensen reported that the Great American River Clean-Up is scheduled for the third week in September.  She may be able to organize it for BRECA, pending vacation plans.

  1. Sacramento Municipal Utility District Rate Increase

Jim Morgan circulated a copy of a notice from the paper about proposed Sacramento Municipal Utility District rate increases for 2023 and 2024.

  1. Floor

James Adams commented that he had received an email to the effect that BRECA should consider buying the triangle of land at Butterfield and Linda Rio.  Lori Christensen commented that a member of the community has been doing “guerilla gardening” there, including planting native plants.  James Adams commented that he does not want to buy the property, but would not mind helping the person with what they are doing.  Jim Morgan volunteered to put them in touch.

Lori Christensen enquired whether anybody knows about what is going on next to the Orthodox church.  The area has been cleared of vegetation.  Nobody had any information.

A member of the audience commented that the County judge had granted a restraining order regarding a person who had been sitting in their driveway and causing a disturbance.  Since then they have not seen the person.

  1. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting at the Rancho Cordova Library on July 25, 2023.

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