BRECA Supports Proposed Decision to Eliminate WRAM and Surcharges for Water Utilities

The The Administrative Law Judge has shared a decision to eliminate Water Revenue Adjustment Mechanism (WRAM) and other surcharges to the California Public Utilities Commission Public Advocate’s Office (CPUC). The commission will be hearing this item and voting on it no earlier than August 6th. BRECA supports the proposed decision and we urge our neighbors to share their support with the CPUC.

A coalition of water utilities have enlisted cities and community organizations that don’t really understand the impacts of the WRAM to lobby the Commission to change its proposed decision. The water utilities have crafted a misleading message that eliminating the WRAM will increase rates and reduce conservation.

Please take a moment to send an email to the CPUC in support of the proposed decision of Commissioner Martha Guzman Aceves. You can send the email to .

Suggested email:

Dear Commissioners,
I support the proposed decision of Commissioner Martha Guzman Aceves, Rulemaking 17-06-024. I encourage the CPUC commissioners vote to approve this decision.

You can read the proposed decision here.
Order Instituting Rulemaking Evaluating the Commission’s 2010 Water Action Plan Objective of Achieving Consistency between Class A Water Utilities’ Low-Income Rate Assistance Programs, Providing Rate Assistance to All Low – Income Customers of Investor-Owned Water Utilities, and Affordability. Rulemaking 17-06-024

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