BRECA Steering Committee Election and Nominations 2020

The Steering Committee is the leadership body of BRECA.  The Steering Committee directs and coordinates BRECA activities such as parkway clean up, the General Meeting, and social gatherings.  It also takes positions on important issues such as the Butterfield Light Rail Station Special Planning Area, other development proposals that affect our community, and flood protection work.  It is important that you participate in the Steering Committee election, so that the most qualified people represent the membership.

If you would like to run for Steering Committee, you must receive a nomination.  You may nominate yourself.  See nomination instructions below.

Elections schedule:

  1. Nominations: March 24 to April 28.
  2. Election: May 5 to May 20 (approximately).
    Members will be mailed a secret ballot and statements from candidates.  Members have 2 weeks to return the ballot.
  3. Announcement of winners: May 26.
  4. New Steering Committee members take office: June 23.


Members in good standing are encouraged to nominate BRECA members to be candidates for the Steering Committee.  If the nominee accepts, he or she becomes a candidate.  A member may nominate his or herself.  Members may nominate as many members as they choose.  Note that there are a maximum of 9 Steering Committee members.  The deadline for nominations is April 28, 2020.  Send your nominations to the BRECA secretary.

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