BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – June 25, 2019


DATE: June 25, 2019
PLACE: Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California
MEETING TYPE: BRECA Steering Committee Meeting


James Adams
Lori Christensen
Ken Crawford
Bonnie Domeny
Rene Hamlin
Lee Leavelle
Jim Morgan
Andrea White


Gay Jones


1. Call to Order by Acting Chair Lynda Hammitt

2. Guest Speaker Rashad Mammadov, From Proposed Bradshaw at Folsom Apartments

Mr. Mammadov stated that he is proposing to build apartments behind the buildings at 9545 and 9555 Folsom Blvd.  There would be 65 units, 7 of which would be low income (10%).  Low income means one-half of the median income for the area.  They would be somewhat luxury apartments, and they expect 10% to 15% higher rent than median for the area.

A member of the audience stated that with a 10% increase in rent per year, people on fixed income would be priced out.  Mr. Mammadov responded that the low income apartments would have fixed rent.

Another member of the audience asked about people on Social Security.  Mr. Mammadov responded that he did not know if people on Social Security could afford the rents.  He further stated that he expected a one bedroom apartment to rent for $1,550 per month, and a two bedroom apartment to rent for $1,700 per month.

Another member of the audience stated that he is concerned about the impact on trees on or near the project site.  In particular his oak tree is between buildings three and four, and has a canopy that extends 42 feet from the fence.  The roots must be similar, and a proposed drainage ditch would affect the tree.  Mr. Mammadov responded that he did not expect the drainage ditch to affect the tree.  Possibly the buildings could be moved a bit to avoid the tree.

Bonnie Domeny inquired about access for emergency vehicles in back of the buildings.  Mr. Richard Graber, project architect, stated that access for emergency vehicles is prescribed by the County and the Fire Department.  Vehicles would not drive in back of the buildings, but must have access to get a fire hose between the buildings.

A member of the audience inquired about management and security.  Mr. Mammadov responded that there will be an on site manager, and the property will be gated.  They will have security in the beginning, but will see what happens over time.

Another member of the audience observed that there was a previous plan for the site that had two story and one story apartments, with a 50 feet setback, but the present plan has three stories with less setback.  Mr. Mammadov responded that the standard setback for three stories is 75 feet, which they have reduced to 25 feet.  The audience member inquired about windows in the apartments looking into back yards.  Mr. Graber responded that balconies face each other, and there are requirements for trees in back.  There is also a requirement for one bedroom window.

Another member of the audience commented that the proposed project has three deviations from County standards: setback, height, and parking.  Mr. Mammadov responded that the Folsom Blvd. Special Planning Area limits buildings to two stories, and they have a deviation to three stories.  They also have a deviation for reduced parking.  Parking standards for one bedroom are one space per dwelling unit and two bedrooms are one and a half spaces per dwelling unit.  They have reduced the spaces to one space per unit, with no spaces for visitors.  The site is close to the light rail station, and in the Bay area the standard is one space per dwelling unit.

Another member of the audience commented that he lives next to proposed building 5, which is twisted towards his fence.  He is concerned about air conditioning noise.  Mr. Mammadov responded that the air conditioning units could be located towards the centers of the building, and walls could be built around them.

Another member of the audience commented that she is still concerned about parking.  Two people with two jobs need two cars to get to their jobs.  They should take out a building to add parking spaces.  Mr. Graber responded that that would add perhaps 24 parking spaces, which would still not be enough for standards.  The audience member commented that they are stuffing too many people into the site.

Bonnie Domeny commented that there are no three story buildings in the area, and the proposed design would be a “sore thumb” which does not fit with the community.  She is concerned about changes over time as the apartments degrade.  Mr. Mammadov responded that the same could happen to single family units.  If they had a smaller number of units, there would be less reserve to maintain the property.  On the other side of Highway 50 they are building three story apartments.  The project will have less maintenance per unit because the it is more dense.

A member of the audience stated that people think that being close to light rail means people will use it, but that is unrealistic.  There has been no discussion of traffic impacts, and there is no park or significant green space in the project.  We have a small community park, which could suffer from overuse.  Mr. Graber noted that they have play areas for children.  The audience member also commented that noise from the three story buildings would travel.  Mr. Graber commented that the same issue would apply with exposure to the north, and they don’t expect to get much noise.  Mr. Mammadov commented that there are a lot of uses around the project, for example auto repair is noisy.

Another member of the audience commented that she lives on Elmira, and can hear everything on Folsom Blvd.  This would be a good project for downtown Sacramento, but she does not think that higher income people would want to live there.  Mr. Mammadov stated that he expects to be able to rent in this market.

Another member of the audience commented that he lives on Elmira, and inquired about putting a sound wall on the northern boundary.  Mr. Mammadov commented that there are existing fences from the single family homes, but that maybe they could put in a new wall.

Another member of the audience commented that there are too many people for the site.  This is a driving city, so where is the parking?  Another member of the audience concurred that she does not know any couples who don’t need more than one car.

Jim Morgan commented that with three stories and only 25 feet setback, the project would create an impact to people’s back yards, changing the ambience and feel.  They are trying to put too much into the space.

A member of the audience enquired about the timeline.  Mr. Mammadov responded that no plans are approved at this point.

Rene Hamlin commented that the shadows from the apartments would affect people’s gardening.

A member of the audience enquired about California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analysis.  Mr. Mammadov responded that this is not a discretionary process, so they don’t need CEQA analysis.

Lynda Hammitt brought the discussion to a close, and encouraged people to send any further questions to BRECA, so that they could be forwarded to Mr. Mammadov for response.

3. Guest Speaker Erin Johansen, From Hope Cooperative

Ms. Johansen, with the Hope Cooperative, stated that they are going to be leasing space in the general area in the near future.  They serve about 6,000 people a year in various programs.  Ms. Marlyn Sepulveda, also with the Hope Cooperative, stated that they have three programs that are going to be located near here.  One is a Triage Navigator program, which helps people experiencing a mental health crisis connect with appropriate services.  Another is a Rehousing Case Management program that provides case management to people experiencing homelessness.  The third is a Crisis Respite Center which provides a non-medical alternative to the emergency room for people experiencing a mental health crisis.  The Crisis Respite Center is the only program at these sites that has visiting clientele.  Ms. Johansen continued that the Respite Center has space for about 8 people, who stay less than 23 hours, and is staffed with two people on a 24/7 basis.

A member of the audience asked what happens to people after 23 hours?  Ms. Johansen replied that they make a transition to other resource programs.  She also stated that they do not take people directly, but pick them up from the mental health system.  Another member of the audience asked about addiction.  Ms Johansen stated that they have offices on Howe Ave. and also on Marconi that are open for people with alcohol and addiction problems.  She stated that their funding comes through the mental health system.  People should see their web site for more information.

4. Guest Speaker Theresa Bible, From the Sacramento Tree Foundation

Ms. Bible, with the Sacramento Tree Foundation, stated that she is a neighborhood organizer for the Tree Foundation.  Her area is all of unincorporated Sacramento County.  Sacramento has the largest hand planted tree count in the world.  Some parts of Sacramento have lush canopy, like Land Park, while others have few trees, like Arden Arcade.  Some parts of the BRECA area have a lot of canopy, while others do not.  The Tree Foundation partners with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District for free shade trees.  A resident can have up to 10 free trees.  They also provide trees for schools, parks, and open spaces.  The Tree foundation has a community forester who will help determine the right kind of tree and where to plant it.

A member of the audience commented that she does not have trees because a neighbor has a sewer line crossing the property, so she is afraid to plant trees.  Ms. Bible responded that the tree foundation can help to determine the right sites for planting trees.  Another member of the audience commented that people have been cutting down trees around her area because they don’t want to deal with the trees.  Ms. Bible stated that she would like to work with BRECA to do a community work day.  Bonnie Domeny inquired about trees for our park.  Ms. Bible stated that they could do a mulching event.  A member of the audience commented that trees planted on Folsom Blvd. are not doing well.  Ms. Bible stated that the County typically plants slow growing trees.  The County takes care of their trees, and the Tree Foundation takes care of their trees for three years.  In response to a question by James Adams, Ms. Bible said she would provide a link to the environmental justice analysis regarding the presence of trees, or lack thereof, on Butterfield Way.

5. Minutes

a. April 23, 2019

One amendment to the draft minutes of April 23, 2019 was proposed and accepted.  Lori Christensen made a motion to approve the amended draft minutes.  James Adams seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

b. May 28, 2019

Several amendments to the draft minutes of May 28, 2019 were proposed and accepted.  Lee Leavelle made a motion to approve the amended draft minutes.  Lori Christensen seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

6. Questions or Comments from the Membership/Community

There were no questions or comments from the membership or community.

7. Reports

a. Treasurer

Andrea White (Treasurer) distributed the BRECA income and expenditures up to this time for the year.  She noted that there are now “in kind” income and expenditures.  Jim Morgan asked if “in kind” expenditures could be separated out, as is the “in kind” income.  Andrea White stated that she preferred to keep the report clean, and that details of expenditures can be provided as needed.


Lee Leavelle stated that he attended the CORPAC (the Cordova Community Planning and Advisory Council) meeting this month.  They had a presentation from the Hope Cooperative (see item 3 above).  There was a workshop from County Planning.  The Board of Supervisors is receiving feedback from the building industry, which is complaining about projects being delayed by the Community Planning and Advisory Councils (CPACs).  A number of proposals to address this were discussed.

One proposal was that special projects, not specified by statute, to be discussed by the CPACs had to be approved by all the members of the Board of Supervisors.  CORPAC opposed this proposal.

Another proposal was that the CPACs not have a vote, as they are only advisory.  CORPAC favors a vote.

A third proposal was that a CPAC member who missed more than three meetings would be removed.  CORPAC supported this proposal.

A fourth proposal was that a quorum of a CPAC would be one person.  CORPAC said three.

A fifth proposal was that there would no longer be a free CPAC appeal, which would otherwise cost $4,000.  CORPAC opposed this proposal.

A sixth proposal was that there would be no continuation of an item unless the applicant agrees.  CORPAC opposed this proposal.

A seventh proposal was that there would be training for new CPAC members.  CORPAC supported this proposal.

c. Outreach Committee

Lynda Hammitt stated that Kelly Cohen had mentioned having difficulty getting the Free Little Library painted.  Lynda has tried to contact Kelly regarding this, but received no response.  Lee Leavelle stated that he would try to get the Free Little Library back from Kelly and get it painted.

Jim Morgan reported that 31 Welcome Packets have been distributed.


8. Old Business

a. Casa Linda Motel Business License

Lynda Hammitt reported that Casa Linda had lost it’s business license

b. Kinder-Morgan Speaker on July 23

Lynda Hammitt enquired as to whether she should continue to be the contact person.  It was agreed that she should.

c. From the Floor

There was no Old Business from the floor.

9. New Business

a. Thank You to Volunteers for Mile Marker 12 South of the American River Parkway

Lynda Hammitt stated that Gay Jones wants to thank all of the people who have volunteered time on the BRECA area on the American River Parkway, such as Starthistle pulling.  (Secretary’s note: Gay subsequently reported 250 volunteer hours for the last quarter.)

b. Steering Committee Officer Selection for 2019-2020

Rene Hamlin nominated Bonnie Domeny for chair, and Bonnie accepted the nomination.  Other existing officers were also nominated: Gay Jones for Vice Chair, Andrea White for Treasurer, and Jim Morgan for Secretary.  Ken Crawford made a motion to accept the listed candidates.  Andrea White seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

c. From the Floor

Jim Morgan proposed formation of a Bradshaw Apartments Committee to find out about the planning and approval process for this proposal.  It was agreed to form such a committee.  Lee Leavelle, Gay Jones, and Jim Morgan are to be on the committee.  Additional people can volunteer as desired.

10. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting on Tuesday, July 23, 2019, at the Rancho Cordova Library.

Webmaster note: To read subsequent update from June 30, 2019 regarding the Bradshaw Apartments, click here.

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