BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – March 26, 2019


DATE: March 26, 2019
PLACE: Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California
MEETING TYPE: BRECA Steering Committee Meeting


James Adams
Lori Christensen
Bonnie Domeny
Lynda Hammitt
Gay Jones
Carmen Mitchell
Jim Morgan


Andrea White
Rene Hamlin


1. Call to Order by Chair Lynda Hammitt

2. Special Presentation from Sacramento Sheriffs and Rancho Cordova Police

Three representatives from the Sacramento Sheriffs and Rancho Cordova Police spoke briefly and responded to some questions from the audience.  Deputy Darren Quackenbush is the new Problem Oriented Policing (POP) officer.  He can be contacted by email at or by phone at 916-875-9650.  He commented that they do not see postings on Nextdoor, so people must call him or the Sacramento Sheriff’s numbers with problems: 911 for emergencies or 916-874-5115 for non-emergency problems.

A person from the audience commented that they had a problem reporting a theft from a vehicle: the Sheriff’s electronic system would not take a 5 digit custom license number.  In response to a question about cars parked on the street, it was stated that cars must be moved every 72 hours or they can be towed.  However, people should default to neighborly.  It was also commented that commercial vehicles can not park overnight on the street.

3. Minutes

a. Minutes of February 26, 2019

Gay Jones made a motion to approve the draft minutes for February 26, 2019.  James Adams seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

b. Minutes of January 22, 2019

Gay Jones made a motion to amend the minutes for January 22, 2109 that were adopted at the February 26, 2019 meeting.  James Adams seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

4. Questions or Comments from the Membership/Community

A member of the community inquired whether people other than the Steering Committee could see the draft minutes.  Lynda Hammitt responded no.

5. Reports

a. Treasurer

There was no report from the Treasurer.
Gay Jones commented that maybe in kind contributions should be itemized.


Carmen Mitchell reported that there was no meeting of the Cordova Community Planning and Advisory Council (CORPAC) this month.

c. Outreach Committee

Lynda Hammitt stated that there was no meeting of the Outreach Committee this month.  Jim Morgan reported that 14 Welcome Packets had been distributed.

6. Old Business

a. Annual General Meeting

Lynda Hammitt stated that all the speakers are confirmed for the Annual General Meeting except for Kinder Morgan (owners of the tank farm at Bradshaw Rd. and Folsom Blvd.).  Lynda handed out a draft of the flyer, and requested suggestions to improve the flyer.  Gay Jones stated that she was concerned about Kinder Morgan talking at the General Meeting.  She stated that there should be a full meeting on the subject.  There was discussion about why there is no evacuation plan at the County, and it was suggested that it could be at the Fire District or possibly Rancho Cordova.

b. Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for April 13, 2019 at 10 am.  There was discussion of preparations for the event.

c. Cal Am Update

Gay Jones stated that they are still dealing with a request for extension on the escalation filing. She also stated that they are waiting on a draft decision on the General Rate Case.

d. From the Floor

There were no comments from the floor.

7. New Business

a. Park Maintenance and Recreation Improvement District (PMRID) Update

Bonnie Domeny stated that the Cordova Recreation and Park District had a meeting to report on what they have been doing with Measure J and Park Maintenance and Recreation Improvement District (PMRID) funds.  Of relevance to the BRECA area, they plan on putting in a new walkway at Riviera East Park when it stops raining.

b. From the Floor

A member of the audience inquired as to whether there had been a response to the BRECA letter concerning people camping on the American River Parkway.  Gay Jones noted that at a recent American River Coalition meeting a ranger stated that they are doing extra enforcement on related issues such as off-leash dogs, fires, trash, and outstanding warrants.  Lynda Hammitt commented that we have not heard anything on the “sensitive habitat” proposal.

8. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a General Meeting, and is scheduled for April 23, 2019, 6:30 pm at the Rancho Cordova Library.

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