Update on the Bradshaw Apartments

Update 06/30/2019

We had a well attended meeting with the owner/developer. He received a lot of of feedback, and answered all the questions we asked. He’s definitely willing to listen to the community. Please continue to provide your feedback and questions to BRECA.

As a result of some our concerns, there were some proposed revisions which you can download and review.

Updated building plans 1

Updated building plans 2

There is also the possibility of adding a concrete barrier on the north side of the property. It may be similar to this photo.

Finally, we are developing a mailing list for residents that want to stay informed about the latest updates. To take part, send an email to BRECA and let us know. 

The owner of the property will be at the June 25th BRECA meeting. 6:30 p.m. at the Cordova Library to hear feedback from the community. This property is located along Folsom Blvd, just west of Bradshaw Road. It’s behind the businesses at 9555 Folsom Blvd.

Artist Rendering

He writes:

The property has been completely redesigned and the buildings have been changed. The current buildings have been designed in a way where we could place them with out the apartments units balconies directly overlooking the houses, most of the units in the current design will preserve the privacy of our single family neighbors. 

We are entitled to 3 deviations from the development standards in addition to complete deviation from parking standards of Sacramento county zoning code.

We have chosen to use the deviations to deviate from: 

  • the height limit of 2 stories in the Folsom Blvd SPA
  • rear yard setback for 2 story building
  • front yard setback of 20 feet

The current design shows for 65 apartment units and 1 managers office. 10% of all the units will be dedicated to low income families, 50% below average median income.

To preserve the privacy of the rear neighbors, we will be planting trees in the rear of the property, in purpose to provide tree screening. The redesign of the buildings and planting trees recommended by our Landscape architect with experience of 30+ years will preserve the privacy of our neighbors in the rear of our property. 

Our number one goal is to provide a design where we would add value to the neighborhood, be able to provide the housing needs of Sacramento county residence, and to be able to bring residents to near by businesses, where they could thrive and open great businesses in the area. As you are aware the Folsom blvd does have a lot of retail commercial properties. We see this property to be a great location for a dense multifamily property, due to it being in very close proximity to light rail station and near retail properties, where the residents could walk to businesses in close proximity. This great foot traffic to near by businesses will bring a lot economic benefits to the retail properties in the area, where they are struggling with vacancies. The single family homes in the rear would have a good secured gated complex in the rear of their property, this would contribute positively to their security and safety, also  beneficial to their homes value. 

Artist Rendering

Download the current building plans.

Download the tree list.

Send your feedback to the BRECA Steering Committee.


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