BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 08-28-18


DATE: August 28, 2018
PLACE: Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California
MEETING TYPE: BRECA Steering Committee Meeting

James Adams
Lori Christensen
Rene Hamlin
Lynda Hammitt
Gay Jones
Jim Morgan
Andrea White

Bonnie Domeny
Carmen Mitchell


1. Call to Order by Chair Lynda Hammitt

2. Minutes of July 24, 2018

Gay Jones made a motion to approve the draft minutes. James Adams seconded the motion.
The motion was approved unanimously.

3. Questions or Comments from the Membership/Community

Andrea White reported that the Cordova Recreation and Park District Board intends to start
the bid process in October for replacement of the asphalt pathways in Riviera East Park. They
hope to have the work completed by June of 2019.

There was a question as to whether there was anything new on the proposed apartment
complex on Folsom Blvd. There was nothing new to report. A member of the audience stated
that there is an 8 feet setback from the existing apartments across from the Library to the
adjoining residential properties. Another member of the audience stated that the current plan
for the apartments on Folsom Blvd. is to have a 25 feet setback from the adjoining residential
property and a 7 feet block wall. Another member of the audience commented that there is a
15 feet setback from the Casa Linda motel to the fence, and the fence is made of wood. He
has observed a person from the Casa Linda kick in a board on the fence and walk through.

4. Reports

a. Treasurer

Andrea White (Treasurer) presented the BRECA income and expenditures to date. The
balance in the BRECA checking account is $4,771.04.

c. Outreach Committee

Rene Hamlin reported that there was no Outreach Committee meeting this month.


Gay Jones stated that CORPAC (the Cordova Community Planning and Advisory Council)
met this month and considered three items. One of the items was the proposed ARCO
AM/PM at Bradshaw Road and Folsom Blvd. The meeting was a workshop format, and no
vote on the project was taken. There were over 20 public comments, and all were opposed to
the project.

It was clarified that CORPAC is an advisory body of people from the community who are
appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Actual decisions on projects are made by the Planning
Commission or the Board of Supervisors.

5. Old Business

a. ARCO AM/PM – Update

Jim Morgan commented that BRECA has not taken a position on the proposed ARCO
AM/PM project. Given the level of community concern expressed at the CORPAC meeting,
BRECA should consider taking a position. Jim introduced a draft resolution as follows:
“The Butterfield-Riviera East Community Association (BRECA) is aware of a proposal to
locate an ARCO gas station and AM/PM mini-mart at Bradshaw Road and Folsom Blvd.
BRECA opposes this proposal. The principal reasons for our opposition are the likely
increase in traffic congestion at Bradshaw Road and Folsom Blvd., and the impact of 24 hour
per day noise and lights on the close residential neighbors.”

Lynda Hammitt suggested that saturation of beer and alcohol sales in the area be added to the
resolution. Jim Morgan agreed.

There was discussion about the appropriateness of taking a position at this time. It was
pointed out that the concerns from the community at the CORPAC meeting justified taking a
position at this time. Jim Morgan made a motion to adopt the above resolution as modified by
Lynda Hammitt. Andrea White seconded the motion. The motion was approved with 6 in
favor and one abstention (Gay Jones).

b. New Date for Speaker from SMUD

Lynda Hammitt stated that the SMUD speaker had been postponed until the October BRECA

c. 2018 Annual Picnic – Potluck in the Park

Lori Christensen reported that the annual Picnic in the Park is scheduled for September 23. A
flyer for the picnic should go out around September 10. It is desired to follow up with phone
calling and volunteers are needed.

d. Great American River Clean Up

Lori Christensen stated that the annual Great American River Clean Up is scheduled for
September 15, from 9 am to noon. People from the BRECA area should meet at the Gristmill
parking lot.

e. Cal Am

Gay Jones reported that she had recent contact with Richard Rauschmeier of the Office of
Ratepayer Advocates of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). He stated that a
proposed decision on the California American Water (Cal Am) case would likely come out in

It was clarified that the case involves a proposed rate increase by Cal Am. The case also
involves consolidation of the Sacramento District with other areas. James Adams commented
that he thinks the consolidation is premature. Gay Jones asked whether it was the intent of the
group that James Adams and herself respond for BRECA to the proposed decision. It was
agreed this was the case. Gay Jones commented that the application asked for rate increases
of 16.29% in 2018, 3.43% in 2019, and 3.03% in 2020. A member of the audience asked how
the CPUC is responding to the proposal. Gay Jones stated that the CPUC shows respect for
the proposal and for the entities that are opposing the proposal.

f. From the Floor

James Adams stated that he has been looking into getting a community sign at the north-east
corner of Butterfield Way and Folsom Blvd. He contacted Supervisor Nottoli’s office, and
received a return call from a staff member. The staff member indicated that the County has a
facility for making community signs. They want an e-mail from BRECA regarding the text
and location of the sign. The sign would be similar to the signs for the Rosemont community.
Gay Jones commented that she would like to see a second sign. James Adams stated that they
could do one at the library in the grassy area.

There was discussion about the name of the community, and some members of the audience
indicated it was unclear that Butterfield-Riviera East was appropriate. Lynda Hammitt
suggested that some education of the community would be appropriate before putting up the
signs. Jim Morgan volunteered to write a short history of the Butterfield-Riviera East name.

6. New Business

a. Location of the September BRECA Meeting

Lynda Hammitt stated that the library meeting room is not available for the September
BRECA meeting. Father Hezekias with the Saint George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church,
located at 9501 Folsom Blvd., has offered the church meeting room, and the offer has been

b. Discussion Re: Alternatives to ARCO AM/PM at Bradshaw and Folsom

Lynda Hammitt stated that there have been lots of ideas on Nextdoor about what could go at
the corner of Bradshaw Road and Folsom Blvd. besides the proposed ARCO AM/PM. They
included a Trader Joe’s, or a coffee shop. But, they have to be viable. Other ideas were
suggested including a teahouse, a Leatherby’s, a bigger RC Food Market, a tech school, and a
shared office space. It was commented that there is not enough space for a Trader Joe’s. Gay
Jones suggested asking a developer. A community center or other public space was
suggested. A member of the audience commented that he owns a restaurant on Bradshaw
Road, and it is his impression that the corner of Bradshaw Road and Folsom Blvd. is not a
good area for business. Gay Jones suggested asking for viable ideas from County Planning.

c. From the Floor

A member of the audience associated with the Saint George Church stated that they have
problems with the Casa Linda motel. For example, he videotaped a person who kicked in a
board in the fence between the church and Casa Linda and then went into a room at Casa
Linda. They are in contact with the Sheriff’s department and the District Attorney (DA). The
DA is pushing the owners of the Casa Linda to either hire a professional manager or close and
sell the business. Otherwise there may be criminal charges regarding the business.

7. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, at the St. George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church.

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