BRECA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 05-22-18


DATE: May 22, 2018
PLACE:  Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California
MEETING TYPE:  BRECA Steering Committee Meeting

Lori Christensen
Kelly Cohen
Bonnie Domeny
Rene Hamlin
Lynda Hammitt
Gay Jones
Jim Morgan
Andrea White

James Adams


  1. Call to Order by Chair Lynda Hammitt
  2. Minutes of March 27, 2018
    Lynda Hammitt proposed some additional language for the draft minutes of March 27, 2018, which was agreed to.  Lori Christensen made a motion to approve the amended draft minutes.  Rene Hamlin seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.
  1. Questions or comments from the membership/community
    There were no questions or comments from the membership or community.
  1. Reports
    A. Treasurer
    The Treasurer reported a bank balance of $4,624.57.B. CORPAC
    Gay Jones reported that the County had offered training for Community Planning and Advisory Council (CPAC) members.  One of the ideas from the presenters was to have a discussion on policy settings for the CPACs.  Gay suggested BRECA’s guidelines from previous development proposals, which were to blend with the existing community, connectivity with the existing community, and full parkland dedication.

    C. Outreach Committee
    Rene Hamlin stated that the Outreach Committee had met after the General Meeting.  This General Meeting had the most attendance ever.  The Community Yard Sale is coming up on June 2.  They are putting up signs.  Lynda Hammitt commented that they have notified people on the BRECA membership list and Nextdoor.  Rene continued that the effort is in conjunction with the yard sale on Defiance Circle.  Two years ago they did printed maps, but it took too much time and effort, so that will not be done this year.

    Lynda Hammitt stated that they had received some feedback on the General Meeting on April 24.  One comment was that it was too long.  Maybe next year it should be shortened to 90 minutes.  Other suggestions for the future included having a list of upcoming events, handing out a piece of paper for people to write on, having a donation jar, and having microphones so people in back can hear.  There was also a comment that it was hot in the back of the room.  Lynda will get an article out for the BRECA website.

    Gay Jones commented that she had feedback from neighbors that BRECA had pulled in the “heavy hitters” of the County.  Jay Domeny commented that it was a lot to have in one meeting, and Lynda Hammitt did well in controlling it.  Bonnie Domeny commented that she had feedback that nobody dominated the meeting.  Andrea White commented that she had feedback from panelists that the meeting was well organized.

    Andrea White stated that the Outreach Committee had also talked about having a “Little Library” in the park.  They could have a bulletin board on the Little Library.  Andrea had talked to the Cordova Recreation and Park District Administrator, and he said that the Little Library was a good idea.

    Lori Christensen stated that the Outreach Committee also discussed having an information packet to welcome new people to the neighborhood.

  1. Old Business
    A. Neighborhood Bike Ride & Ice Cream Social on May 23rd
    Gay Jones stated that the Neighborhood Bike Ride is tomorrow, meeting at 5:30 pm at the Library for a safety check.  They will ride around the neighborhood from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, then have an ice cream social.B. Yard Sale
    See Item 4c above.  Lynda Hammitt stated that people should send addresses to or , also photos for advertising.  Bonnie Domeny stated that she is making a map for people to see or print.

    C. Cal Am
    Gay Jones reminded people that BRECA is an official party to the California American (Cal Am) General Rate Case.  The General Rate Case happens every three years, where Cal Am petitions for increases in rates.  Right now the question under review is what the impact of Federal tax cuts will be.  The Office of Ratepayer Advocates is advocating return of the money to the ratepayers.  Right now there is nothing to do except wait and see.

    D. Steering Committee Election Results
    Jim Morgan read the results as counted by Terry and Don Joley.  The results, in the same order as the ballot, were:

42  James Adams*
32  Andrea White*
32  Carmen Mitchell*
40  Bonnie Domeny*
32  Rene Hamlin*
29  Kelly Cohen
37  Lori Christensen*
26  Ken Crawford
36  Lynda Hammitt*
36  Gay Jones*
35  Jim Morgan*

Candidates with a “*” after their names were elected to the Steering Committee.

E. From the Floor
Gay Jones stated that there is going to be a Metro Fire Camp, which is open to kids ages 11-13.  It involves a day camp for a week of firefighting stuff.  The deadline for applying is Friday.

  1. New Business
    A. Arco Gas Station
    Jim Morgan stated that after some effort he had received, from Supervisor Nottoli’s office, a copy of the application for an ARCO gas station to be located at the north-east corner of Bradshaw Rd. and Folsom Blvd.  The project, however, is on hold, owing to an unspecified “easement” issue.  It is anticipated that there will be a redesign of the proposal before it goes forward.A member of the audience asked whether there is an ARCO proposed for Bradshaw Road and Keifer.  It was affirmed that the proposal had been approved.

    Lori Christensen stated that the big gas tanks on the other side of Folsom Blvd. are a concern: what if something happened?  Gay Jones commented that there is an emergency response plan identified in the County hazard response plan.

    Gay Jones commented that there are some immediate concerns with the proposal, including 24 hour operation.  She is calling the County environmental division about various issues.

B. Budget Increase for Steering Committee Election
Jim Morgan stated that the Steering Committee Election had gone slightly over budget at $213.93 compared to $205 authorized.

Andrea White stated that the web site had also gone over budget at  $146.83 compared to $130 authorized.

Gay Jones made a motion to increase the budget for the Steering Committee Election to $220 and the web site to $150.  Rene Hamlin seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

C. Starthistle Removal Date
After some discussion, June 16th was agreed upon as the date for Starthistle removal.

D. From the Floor
Lynda Hammitt stated that there is a new Gardening Club, which meets on the third Saturday of the month at 2:00 pm.  The next meeting will be June 16.
Lori Christensen observed that someone had adopted the parcel at Linda Rio Dr. and Butterfield Way.  They have taken out all the weeds, and put in some native plants.  They plan to put in wood chips to cover the rest.

  1. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, at the Rancho Cordova Library.

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