BRECA General Membership Meeting Minutes 4-25-17


DATE: April 25, 2017
PLACE:  Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California
MEETING TYPE:  BRECA General Membership Meeting


Lori Christensen
Bonnie Domeny
Jay Domeny
Rene Hamlin
Gay Jones
Carmen Mitchell
Jim Morgan
Andrea White


Kelly Cohen

  1. Welcome from Chair Rene Hamlin
  2. Rebecca Garrison, Highway 50 Transportation Management Association
    Rebecca Garrison, with the Highway 50 Transportation Management Association, discussed a BRECA area community bicycle ride planned for May 4, 2017.  It will start at the Rancho Cordova Library at 6:30 pm and go for about three miles.  There will be an ice cream buffet afterwards.  Please RSVP for the ice cream.  Information is on the BRECA web site.
  1. Tommy Riggins, Public Information Officer, California Highway Patrol
    Officer Tommy Riggins, with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), discussed traffic enforcement in the community.  He stated that the BRECA area is pretty quiet.  There have been three car crashes on Mira Del Rio Dr. in the last year, all single vehicle.  He stated that the CHP is targeting Folsom Blvd. for pedestrian and bicycle safety.

    Officer Riggins responded to several questions from the audience.  One question concerned the right turn from West bound Folsom Blvd. to North bound Butterfield Way and whether a car should do the right turn over the bike lane.  Officer Riggins responded that it is a broken white line, so the turn is OK.  Another question was about the intersection of Bradshaw Road and Oates Drive, where there is heavy traffic around sundown on Friday and Saturday from the Drive In theater and there are a lot of people making illegal moves.  Officer Riggins stated that they could check it out.  Another question concerned the intersection of Bradshaw Road and Mira Del Rio Dr., where there is a blind corner, and whether speed bumps could be installed.  Officer Riggins responded that the questioner should talk to the County about speed bumps.  Another question concerned the stop sign at Allegheny and Elmira, which gets run a lot.  Officer Riggins responded that he will put in a traffic complaint about it tomorrow.  If they can get a license number, they will follow up on the problem.  Another question concerned having a cable from a house to a car.  Officer Riggins responded that as long as it does not impede the sidewalk it is OK.  Officer Riggins gave out contact information: 861-1300 for a non-emergency report to the CHP, and his direct line 464-1457.

  1. District Attorney’s Office and Problem Oriented Policing
    Ann Marie Schubert, Sacramento County District Attorney (DA), discussed some issues of importance to the community.  She stated that a couple of problem areas are mental health and homelessness.  These are not illegal, but are often associated with issues that are illegal.  She stated that they have programs to help people get back on track, such as drug courts.  She stated that they have 175 lawyers in the DA’s office, 45 investigators, and a crime lab.  In Sacramento County they get around 45,000 crime reports per year, and file around 25,000 cases.  She commented on Proposition 47, passed by voters in 2012.  Called the “Safe Schools and Neighborhoods Act,” it made all drug possession crimes a straight misdemeanor, and almost all thefts misdemeanors, even if there are multiple thefts.  She urged people to report crimes: if crimes are not reported, law enforcement and others think they don’t exist.

    Shawna Franklin, of the DA’s Community Prosecution Division, stated that they work on chronic offenders.  She stated that she is used to putting people in jail, but times have changed, and the voters are saying find other ways.  The Community Prosecution Division works with Problem Oriented Policing (POP) officers on problem properties.

    Jeff Wall, the new POP officer, stated that they work a lot on dope houses.  One problem is that possession is a misdemeanor, and often not prosecuted.  Sometimes there are other ways to get at the problem: for example, power theft is a felony.

    DA Schubert commented that she was pleased that the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted to ban outdoor commercial grows of marijuana, although up to 9 plants for personal use is OK.  Shawna Franklin commented that marijuana is a source of violent crimes: recently there was a murder trial over a $20 bag.  POP Officer Wall stated that grow houses are an easy target for crime, as they have marijuana and money.  DA Schubert stated that the Federal government still considers marijuana a Class I restricted drug, so banks do not want to handle the money, resulting in lots of cash.

    POP Officer Wall commented that a lot of the problems have to do with homelessness and mental health issues.  They do cleanup of homeless camps, but have to give 48 hours notice to vacate, and so just end up pushing the problem around.

    There were a number of comments and questions from the audience.  One comment from the audience was that there used to be a drug house across the street from their home.  The POP officer and DA’s office worked together on the problem, and now the owner is living in the house, and the situation is much better.  One question concerned a homeless camp behind the strip mall at Bradshaw Road and Folsom Blvd., and that they move and then come back.  POP Officer Wall stated that the area behind the strip mall is fenced, and so it is hard for officers to get in there.  Another comment was that the person had a rental property that had drug activity, and they worked with the DA’s office to get the people out.  Now, he wants to sell to prospective homeowners.  Another question was whether there is a problem with no room in prisons.  DA Schubert responded that there was a problem: there used to be around 170,000 people in prisons, and now it is down to 120,000.  A lot of people are back in the community.

    POP Officer Wall commented that one should not leave possessions in vehicles.  One person in Rosemont left tools in the back of his truck, had them stolen, then left more tools in the back of his truck, and had them stolen again.

  1. Ranger George Olveda, Sacramento County Parks
    Ranger George Olveda, with Sacramento County Parks, stated that his stewardship area is from Gristmill to Guy West Bridge.  He stated that he does not get a lot of complaints from this area.  So, mostly he works in the Discovery Park and I-80 area.  He stated that there have been complaints about the loss of a large tree at the Gristmill entrance, and that the biological people of County Parks are working on revegetation.  He stated that they will be enforcing the regulation of off-leash dogs, as a person was bitten, and that citations will be given out.  He also stated that someone had weed whacked a trail in the area, and that this is illegal.  There are protected species in the area.  If someone has a problem they should call the County general number 311.

    Ranger Olveda responded to several comments and questions from the audience.  One comment was that the “fire trail” near the river was down to one lane, and that the person wished to be able to see snakes.  Ranger Olveda responded that he would talk with maintenance about the situation.  Another comment was that rangers drive on the levee, but don’t walk the trails.  Ranger Olveda repeated that they seldom get calls from the area, so driving the levee generally works out.  Another comment was that the person had heard bicycle riders saying that Gristmill is a good place to ride on the dirt paths, since there are no rangers there.  Ranger Olveda responded that he will talk to his partner, who likes to walk the trails.  Another comment was that from the “breezeway” to the “farm” there is no break between the vegetation and people’s back yards, which is a fire hazard.  Ranger Olveda stated that they have had crews creating space in the past, and that he would look into the situation.

  1. Patrick Larkin, District Administrator for the Cordova Recreation and Park District
    Patrick Larkin, District Administrator for the Cordova Recreation and Park District, stated that he is new on the job, and has been District Administrator for four months.  He stated that he has about 27 years background in parks.  He commented that voters in the District had just approved measure J, which provides new money for the District.  They intend to work on older parks in the area, and are having workshops on what to do.  Their goal is safe, clean parks.

    District Administrator Larkin responded to several questions from the audience.  One question concerned a senior discount on Measure J.  District Administrator Larkin confirmed that there is a senior discount on the Measure J assessment.  Another question concerned fixing the pathway in Riviera East Park, which is broken up.  District Administrator Larkin stated that the repairs would be costly, and that they are looking at them in the context of Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.  Another question was what is being done about the pool at Hagan.  District Administrator Larkin responded that they are looking at what to do, and do not want to just repeat the 1960-era plan.

  1. Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli
    Supervisor Nottoli commented that the community is well represented by the BRECA leadership, and that he appreciates the community involvement.  He stated that the high water this year on the American River had brought homeless issues to the fore.  People who were camping on the Parkway have moved to outlying areas, including the BRECA area.  He stated that they are having meetings with the cities and want to find things that work.  He stated that there are a couple of approaches being considered.  One approach is to meet homeless people where they are, and offer opportunities to make change.  Another approach is to have a “full service center” where homeless can come and get connected to all of the available resources.  A problem with the latter approach is where it is to be sited.

    Supervisor Nottoli responded to several comments and questions.  One question concerned whether anything was happening with the Folsom Blvd. streetscape.  Supervisor Nottoli stated that some places are getting funding, and that they hope for funding from the recently approved new state taxes and fees.  However, priority is on fixing the pavement, as many streets are in bad shape.  Another question concerned the redevelopment of the Drive-In theater.  Supervisor Nottoli responded that the project depends on getting a critical mass of retailers, which has not happened yet.  Another question concerned the status of the large property across Folsom Blvd. from the Butterfield Light Rail Station, which was just sold to an apartment group.  Gay Jones commented she had just received an update from the County, and that the subdivision map expires on June 22, 2017, but zoning remains.  BRECA’s three guidelines are blending with existing community, connectivity, and full parkland dedication on site, of 3.2 acres.  Supervisor Nottoli stated that when the subdivision map expires, the new owners will come out with their own plan.  Another question concerned a recent fine of $500 for a code violation.  To appeal the fine would cost $700.  Why is that?  Supervisor Nottoli commented that if the appeal is successful, the appeal fee could be waived.

    Another question concerned the effort by Regional Transit (RT) to sell the parking lot at the Butterfield Light Rail Station.  The questioner stated that it should remain a park-and-ride lot.  Supervisor Nottoli stated that RT is getting rid of surplus property, and that he would carry the concern forward.  Another question was why RT does not charge for parking at the Butterfield Station.  Supervisor Nottoli stated that if there was a charge for parking, people would just park in the adjacent neighborhood.  Gay Jones commented that BRECA has supported maintaining the 149 spaces at the park-and-ride lot.  Supervisor Nottoli stated that he could have the RT General Manager come out and talk to the community.

    Another question was whether Supervisor Nottoli could help with the proposed California American Water rate increases and area consolidation.  Supervisor Nottoli stated that the California Public Utilities Commission had changed the rules on area consolidations, and suggested talking to Assemblyman Cooley.  Gay Jones commented that BRECA is a party to the proceedings A.16-07-002 with the proposed rate changes and area consolidations.

  1. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a regular Steering Committee meeting on May 23, 2017, at the Rancho Cordova Library

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