07-22-14 Meeting Minutes



DATE: July 22, 2014

PLACE: Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California

MEETING TYPE: BRECA Steering Committee Meeting


Lori Christensen
Kelly Cohen
Bonnie Domeny
Gay Jones
Rene Hamlin
Jim Morgan
Greg Vaughan

1. Welcome from Chair Gay Jones

2. Minutes of June 24, 2014

Jim Morgan noted that Jim Rodems last name was misspelled, and will be corrected. Gay Jones requested that Joe O’Connor be asked to check item 6c, second paragraph, and amend if needed. Rene Hamlin made a motion to adopt the revised draft minutes. Bonnie Domeny seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

3. Guest Speaker Jim Rodems, Cordova Recreation and Park District

Jim Rodems, District Administrator for the Cordova Recreation and Park District (CRPD) described the current situation. He stated that he has been District Administrator for two and one-half years. When he was hired, the district was in distress. His task was to clean up, reorganize, and plan how to move forward. He stated that the district is in growth mode with development in new areas. They are looking at doubling the budget. He noted that the Rancho Cordova City Council is considering putting a 0.5% additional sales tax on the ballot. He stated that in the unincorporated area the general fund pays for about 49% of maintenance, and that it should be more like 18%. He stated that, in general, maintenance is underfunded and there is no money for replacement. They are considering forming a Community Facility District (CFD) for the unincorporated area, which would involve raising taxes. If passed, it would provide a sound basis for funding. Passage would require a 2/3rds voter approval. The problem is that the communities are not informed about the situation, due to CRPD not communicating about the budget. He distributed a handout on Parks funding.

Jim Rodems also touched on the discussion about installing a restroom or port-a-potty in Riviera East Park. He stated that at Larchmont Park, which is a “community park,” they are looking at installing a restroom. Funding is complex, and it would be funded in part by sports use fees. For “neighborhood parks,” such as Riviera East, they have issues with vagrancy and vandalism. Also, they do not have the funds to maintain and monitor restrooms.

An extensive question and answer session followed. Bonnie Domeny stated that she would like to see a dog watering fountain in Riviera East Park, and asked whether CRPD accepted funding from outside groups. Jim Rodems stated that they are happy to accept funding from outside groups. Jamie Gurevich inquired about the contact person for a small project. Jim Rodems stated that Gerry Dobbs, a supervisor, would be the appropriate person. He can be contacted at .

Stan Mofjeld stated that he would not like to see a port-a-potty in Riviera East Park. Jim Morgan inquired about the cost of restroom facilities. Jim Rodems stated that he does not know about the cost of a port-a-potty, that it depends on the time it is present. For a rudimentary permanent restroom starting costs would be about $250,000 in an established park. Maintenance would be about $260-275 per month. Trish Mofjeld commented that when there have been port-a-potties at Riviera East Park, they have been tipped over, because they were not picked up promptly. She inquired as to what the threshold is for a “community park.” Jim Rodems stated that it is now about 10 acres, although most new community parks are around 15-18 acres.

Lori Christensen inquired about the amount of money that would be requested for a CFD. Jim Rodems stated that it would about double total taxes from around $65 per year to around $120 per year. It would be a parcel tax, and would have a vote by mail.

Gay Jones noted that the handout from CRPD only mentioned the Rosemont area, and that the Butterfield-Riviera East area should also be identified. She also stated that we want to be involved in the CFD.

4. Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report

Gay Jones stated that Andrea White, the new treasurer, was not here, and that they are waiting to get all involved to the bank to change the designated treasurer.

b. American River Parkway Coalition

Gay Jones noted that a Ranger Report for the American River Parkway was on the table.


Gay Jones stated that the Cordova Community Planning and Advisory Council (CORPAC) met this month and reviewed the Mather South proposed project, part of the Jackson Highway developments.

d. Cal Am Water

Gay Jones noted that Joe O’Connor had sent out an e-mail with a proposed draft letter to the Administrative Law Judge for the California American (Cal Am) Water proceeding at the California Public Utilities Commission. Some of the Steering Committee members had not seen the e-mail. Gay stated that she had issues and questions about the letter, and did not want to sign a letter that she did not understand. Jim Morgan suggested forming an ad hoc committee to work on the letter, consisting of Jim Morgan, Gay Jones, and Joe O’Connor. There was general support for this proposal.

e. SPA Committee

Gay Jones noted that the County has a new responsible person for the Folsom Blvd. Special Planning Area (SPA). The person’s name is Chris Kuhoi (not sure of spelling).

f. From the Floor

There were no reports from the floor.

5. Old Business

a. By-Laws Committee

Jaime Gurevich reported that the By-Laws Review Committee had met and identified about five items that needed cleaning up. A second meeting is planned. The committee is also recommending a separate committee to write a guidelines and procedures document to clarify BRECA processes. For example, one would like to clarify what constitutes a member and membership. Lori Christensen commented that Jim Morgan and Lori Christensen each have memberships, and benefits are tied to memberships. Jaime commented that the By-Laws Committee was not anticipating changes to the benefits of membership. Jim Morgan commented that it would be good to write down what we are doing, but not change standards.

b. 2014 Picnic

Lori Christensen is coordinating the picnic this year. She went through the various tasks, and people volunteered to do the tasks.

c. From the Floor

Rene Hamlin stated that she would like to get more BRECA yearly reports on the Attorney General’s web site. She would like to go back three years. Jim Morgan stated that he could do that.

Gay Jones stated that the County is still working on tree planting on Folsom Blvd. Regional Transit required the contractor to go to digging school. Trees have been ordered, and the target for planting is the end of July.

6. New Business

a. From the Floor

Bonnie Domeny stated that National Dog Day is August 24, 2014.

7. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be a Steering Committee Meeting on Tuesday, August 26, at the Rancho Cordova Library.

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