02-26-13 Meeting Minutes


DATE: February 26, 2013

PLACE: Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California

MEETING TYPE: BRECA Steering Committee Meeting


Lori Christensen
Kelly Cohen
Gay Jones
Stan Mofjeld
Jim Morgan
Rick Sloan
Mary Ann Winters

1. Welcome from Chair Gay Jones

2. Minutes

a. Minutes of December 18, 2012

Kelly Cohen made a motion to approve the draft minutes for December 12, 2012. Stan Mofjeld seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

b. Minutes of January 22, 2013

Kelly Cohen made a motion to approve the draft minutes for January 22, 2013. Mary Ann Winters seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

3. Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report

Kelly Cohen (Treasurer) reported that the balance in the BRECA checking account was $4,356.45.


Gay Jones reported that the Cordova Planning and Advisory Council (CORPAC) had met on February 21, 2012. The Jackson Highway Master Plan was discussed. The County wants to change the Jackson Highway from a State highway to a County road so that it can be developed. There could be potential traffic impacts to the BRECA area.

c. Cal Am Water

Joe O’Connor noted that there had been a 3.54% increase in California American (Cal Am) Water rates with the February bill. This was supported by a Supplemental Advice Letter to the California Public Utilities Commission. Joe also noted that the Phase 2 proceedings of the last General Rate Case could affect Sacramento due to questions about the method to be used to track and collect the difference between projected and actual revenues.

d. American River Parkway Coalition

Kelly Cohen reported that the Save the American River Association (SARA) had contracted for a program for reporting incidents and information on the American River Parkway. She also reported that the draft Special Events Policy is to be revised with input from stakeholders.
Joe O’Connor stated that the Rangers have an incident and information reporting program for the Parkway, and now SARA is going to have another one. Joe suggested that they be combined. Joe also stated that the Rangers are getting the loan of a jet boat to patrol the river.
There was discussion about what is going on with the old Boy Scout Camp, Camp Pollock. Jim Morgan stated that the new owner is the State Lands Commission, and that they are to lease the camp to the Sacramento Valley Conservancy (a non-profit group) to run and maintain.

4. Old Business

a. Steering Committee Elections

Jim Morgan stated that the Steering Committee elections process is to begin in March, with voting in May. New Steering Committee members will take office in June.

b. Tree Round Plaque

Jim Morgan noted that there had been no action on getting a plaque for the tree round from the largest oak tree cut down for the Mayhew-Gristmill Levee project. It was agreed to form a committee to work on the plaque. Jim Morgan, Kelly Cohen, and Gay Jones are to be on the committee. Rick Sloan offered to help, and suggested a plastic plaque so that it would not get stolen.

c. Folsom Blvd. Planning

Stan Mofjeld reported that he and other BRECA members had attended the February 13, 2013 meeting on Folsom Blvd. Planning. The only topics discussed were bicycle and pedestrian related work around light rail stations. Joe O’Connor noted that most people supported adding sidewalks on Folsom Blvd. near the Butterfield Light Rail Station. Jim Morgan noted that the meeting centered around maps of specific projects around the light rail stations. He also asked about restarting bus service on Folsom Blvd., and was referred to the Sacramento Regional Transit 5 Year Plan. Judy Robinson (with Sacramento County) said that they expect to have a Folsom Blvd. Corridor Plan presentation to BRECA this summer.
Jim Morgan displayed an old map of proposed Transit Oriented Development (TOD) around the proposed Horn Road Light Rail Station from the Transit for Livable Communities program from 2001. Jim made the argument that BRECA should reconsider its’ previous support for a Horn Road light rail station because of the problems that overly dense TOD would likely create for BRECA and the BRECA area. Gay Jones pointed out that the map was old, and not necessarily relevant. She also pointed out that Sacramento County is reviewing the Housing Element of the General Plan, and that there are housing allocation numbers for the cities and other areas of Sacramento County. She stated that she favors a light rail station at Horn Road because it is close to the library and the apartments on Paseo Rio Way.
Stan Mofjeld stated that what is really needed is restoration of bus service on Folsom Blvd. This would take people to the library, light rail, and all the commercial areas on Folsom Blvd. Rick Sloan countered that an unspecified “we” support getting bus service to bring people from the outskirts to Rancho Cordova. Jim Morgan agreed with Stan that bus service on Folsom Blvd. should be restored, and added that this is more likely than building a light rail station at Horn. Kelly Cohen suggested looking at the Regional Transit 5 Year Plan.

d. From the Floor

Robyn Hudson raised the issue of returning a Port-a-Potty to the Gristmill Parking lot. She stated that people using the Gristmill area around the parking lot have been relieving themselves in the bushes and trees around the parking lot. She stated that she had talked to County Parks who said that if a community group would fund the Port-a-Potty, then Parks would do it. Kim Schwab stated that there is also a problem with Riviera East Park, which has no bathroom. People are going into the Parkway via the pedestrian access and relieving themselves.
Jim Morgan proposed a motion on the question: “BRECA favors restoring a Port-a-Potty to the Gristmill Area parking lot.” Kelly Cohen seconded the motion, and requested adding a second sentence: “BRECA regards this as a public health and water quality issue and believes it should be given a high priority.” Jim accepted the amendment. There was discussion around the motion, and it was agreed to send a letter to County Parks. The motion was approved unanimously.

5. New Business

a. SARA Membership Renewal

Jim Morgan stated that the Save the American River Association was requesting that BRECA renew its’ membership. Kelly Cohen proposed on ongoing renewal of $25. Mary Ann Winters seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

b. BRECA General Meeting

Jim Morgan pointed out that the last General Meeting was in April 2012. Gay Jones read a note she had just received from Jill Stockman with the Rancho Cordova library. The note stated that they want to partner with BRECA on a meeting that would be a community forum on public safety. There was discussion on the note, and it was agreed that more information was needed. Gay Jones will contact Jill Stockman. It was tentatively agreed to have a General Meeting in May and to keep it low-key.

c. Spring Activity (Easter Egg Hunt)

Gay Jones pointed out that Easter is March 31. Rick Sloan suggested having an ice cream social in June. After some discussion it was agreed that there is not enough time or the proper situation for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was tentatively agreed to have an ice cream social in June, on the 22nd or 29th.

d. Membership Renewal/Dues

Jim Morgan stated that he had been considering an idea to give free memberships to all existing BRECA members for this year as a way to reduce membership loss. However, after reviewing the members who did not renew in 2012, he withdrew this idea.

e. 2013 Housing Element Update

Gay Jones stated that she had watched the Board of Supervisors meeting on the General Plan Housing Element Update. Kelly Cohen had spoken, and hit on important issues, such as the need to fit into existing neighborhoods, and the question of how one can require high density “infill” and still approve the Cordova Hills development proposal. Gay recommended looking on line for the Housing Element Update or getting a copy from Kelly.

f. From the Floor

Stan Mofjeld stated that the walkway in front of the playground area at Riviera East Park was in bad shape. A Cordova Parks crew came to fix the problem, and Stan convinced them to fix another problem as well.

6. Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at the Rancho Cordova Library.

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