11-20-12 Meeting Minutes



DATE: November 20, 2012
PLACE:  Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California
MEETING TYPE:  BRECA Steering Committee Meeting


Lori Christensen
Kelly Cohen
Jim Morgan
Stan Mofjeld
Mary Ann Winters

1. Welcome from acting Chair Kelly Cohen

2. Minutes

a. Minutes for September 2012

Kelly Cohen made a motion to adopt the draft minutes for September 2012.  Lori Christensen seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

b. Minutes for October 2012

Kelly Cohen made a motion to adopt the draft minutes for October 2012.  Mary Ann Winters seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.

3. Standing Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report

Kelly Cohen reported that the balance in the BRECA checking account is $4,398.51.

4. Old Business.

a. Gristmill Mini-Restoration

There was a discussion about the planting to be done in the Gristmill area.  A diagram showing the proposed planting area and a letter to Mary Maret, with County Parks, had been sent out by e-mail.  The diagram showed an ellipse about 220 feet long by 40 feet wide in the open area above the sewer pipes near where the old kiosk had been.  Jim Morgan pointed out that there was no list of plants in the letter to Mary Maret.  Kelly Cohen stated that the plants would include deergrass, creeping wild rye, coyote brush, and milkweeds.  Jim suggested adding the list to the letter. Kelly stated that the area indicated in the diagram is a good place to work because it does not have a lot of weeds.  Melissa Schuler would help with planting.

5. New Business.

a. From the Floor

There was a brief discussion about the Sacramento Municipal Utility District rebates that had been presented in the last meeting.  Frustration was expressed that the Steering Committee knew little about the program before the last meeting, and thus had difficulty knowing what, if anything, to do.

There was a discussion about membership and community involvement.  It was suggested that BRECA should query the membership about what would get them more involved.  Jim Morgan recalled that a few years ago BRECA sent letters to 15 members who had lapsed memberships asking why they had let their membership lapse.  One response was received: a check with a note that stated they had thought they were moving out, but plans had changed, so they were renewing their membership.

Kelly Cohen stated that she would like to see the business area on Folsom Blvd. upgraded, and that it looks “downtrodden.”  Jim Morgan stated that there are many Korean owned businesses in the area, and that it attracts customers from all over Sacramento.  It was stated that East Sacramento had an “orchids and onions” award for businesses.  Kelly suggested having an interview with a business in the Newsletter.  Jim pointed out that this would amount to free advertising for one business, which would create problems.  Jim suggested that we distribute the next community Newsletter to the businesses along Folsom Blvd.  Kelly agreed to do so.

6. Meeting Adjourned

The next meeting will be a regular Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday, December 18, 2012, at the Rancho Cordova Library

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