11-22-11 Meeting Minutes



DATE: November 22, 2011
PLACE:  Rancho Cordova Library, 9845 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, California
MEETING TYPE:  BRECA Steering Committee Meeting

Lori Christensen
Kelly Cohen
Gay Jones
Stan Mofjeld
Jim Morgan

  1. Welcome from Chair Gay Jones
  2. Minutes for October, 2011
    Joe O’Connor requested an addition to the draft minutes for October, 2011.  Lori Christensen made a motion to adopt the amended minutes.  Stan Mofjeld seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.
  3. Reports
    1. Treasurer’s Report
      Kelly Cohen reported that the balance in the BRECA checking account is $4,871.89.
    2. Parkway Coalition Report
      Kelly Cohen reported on the November 4, 2011 meeting of the American River Parkway Coalition.  She stated that Rob Lennard (acting Regional Parks Director) and Brad Hudson (new County Executive) attended the meeting.  Discussions included homeless people in the Parkway, public safety and law enforcement.  Kelly stated that Brad Hudson was strong on law enforcement, with the objective of getting the homeless people out of the Parkway.  He noted that, in Riverside, they got rid of rangers and had police do the job.  He thinks that a better job of managing Regional Parks can be done, including partnering with the Sheriff’s department and Cordova Police.  Brad Cook (Rosemont) noted that park rangers are paid less than Sheriff’s deputies, so it would make little sense to replace rangers with Sheriff’s deputies.  Kelly continued that Brad Hudson does not think it would be appropriate to ask taxpayers for additional funding for the Parkway, given the state of the economy.
    3. Gay Jones stated that Brad Hudson attended the most recent meeting of the Regional Parks Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, and said essentially the same things as at the Coalition meeting.
  4. Old Business
    1. BRECA General Membership meeting
      Jim Morgan reported he had reserved the community room at the Rancho Cordova library for December 20, 2011 for the BRECA General Membership meeting.  Brad Cook (Rosemont) stated that there is a new, part time Problem Oriented Policing (POP) officer for the area, and that it could be good to invite the officer.  There was discussion of the logistics of this, and it was decided to try to invite the POP officer next year.  It was decided to emphasize the holiday get-together aspect of the December meeting.  No formal presentations were assigned.  Tasks for refreshments, etc. were assigned.
    2. Plaque for Tree Round at Library
      Gay Jones reported that a the Rancho Cordova Historical Society is interested in preparing language for a plaque to go with the tree round from the American River Parkway displayed outside the Rancho Cordova library.  There was discussion of what should be on a plaque, what should be on the tree round, and what should be on paper handouts.  No conclusions were reached.
    3. Gristmill Habitat Restoration
      Gay Jones reported that work had started on the Kansas access staging area.  Work moving dirt around started about two weeks ago.  It is expected that the area will be seeded with grasses after the excavation is completed.
      Gay also reported that the Corps of Engineers contractor had taken out vegetation at the two work sites downstream of the Mayhew Drain and was dumping rocks into the river (rip rap).
    4. Cal-Am Water
      Joe O’Connor reminded people that last year California American (Cal Am) Water requested a 40% rate increase over the next three years.  The Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA) of the California Public Utilities Commission is currently recommending an 11% increase.  Joyce Steingass (DRA), who came to a previous BRECA meeting, has been reassigned to gas pipeline risk assessment.  In addition, Cal Am submitted another rate request regarding cost of capital in May, 2011.  Cal Am is requesting an increase on overall rate of return on capital (equity and debt) to about 9%.  The DRA has recommended rejecting the request, as there is very low risk with a publicly regulated monopoly.Jim Morgan made a motion that BRECA should send a short letter to the CPUC, opposing the rate hike and supporting the DRA position.  The letter is to be drafted by Joe O’Connor and reviewed by Jim Morgan and Gay Jones.  Gay requested that signatories be herself and Joe O’Connor. Lori Christensen seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.
  5. New Business
    1. From the Floor
      Joe O’Connor reported that he has been having problems with the BRECA web site due to changes in support by the company that hosts the site.Brad Cook (Rosemont) asked whether BRECA is interested in doing neighborhood watch groups.  He stated that the Rosemont Community Association has become a central resource for neighborhood watch groups in the Rosemont area.  He noted that there have been problems around Vince’s Motel.  There was some discussion of this question.  It was noted that BRECA has not been active in this area because it takes a determined effort by one or more people in a particular area to form the neighborhood watch group.  Kelly Cohen stated that she had tried to get a neighborhood watch started in her area, but there was not enough interest from her neighbors.
  6. Meeting adjourned

The next meeting will be on December 20, 2011 at the Rancho Cordova Library.

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