Lynda Hammitt – Chair

Lynda Hammitt. Mira Del Rio Drive.

I am honored to be nominated again for the BRECA Steering Committee. My husband and I have resided in this neighborhood since 1987.  I see firsthand and very much appreciate the wonderful work being done by BRECA. I am proud to be a part of this valuable body within the community and to serve on the Steering Committee.

I enjoy volunteering my time for worthwhile causes. I believe that real benefits are reaped when each unique individual adds his or her special blend of skills into a community.  Before I retired from the State of California in 2010, I worked as a Process Integration Manager. In that role, I was responsible for bringing disparate processes and multi-disciplinary teams together into a cohesive whole. My skills include process management, risk management, schedule management, and implementation management. Basically, I would make sure that project members stayed on target, on time, together, with the same objective in mind, and get things done. I would bring those same skills to BRECA for the betterment of our community.

As promised in my candidate statement last year, we’ve created a BRECA Outreach Committee. Working with my fellow Steering Committee members, we’ve solicited more input from the community and are our planning more outreach to make our community even better. This year, we look forward to implementing some of those plans.

If my skills and ideas sound like something that you believe might benefit our community, I would appreciate your vote to the BRECA Steering Committee. Thank you!

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