Kelly Cohen

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Kelly Cohen

Hi! And welcome to the new BRECA website.

A little about me:  I moved to Sacramento from Lake Arrowhead, CA, with a job promotion in 2002.  I am now a retired senior environmental planner with a specialty in wildlife biology/natural sciences, who loves the outdoors and all forms of nature. Finding a house so close to the river was perfect, having moved here from the rural southern California mountains. I enjoy the community in which I live as one that reflects my values, such as pride in home ownership, respect for economic value, appreciation of the aesthetics associated with such an ideal location, friendly neighbors that share a sense of community, and the peace and beauty of the American River. I love to kayak and canoe on the river and do nature photography everywhere.

I’ve always had an activist kind of bent, so when a friend introduced me to BRECA, I joined and became involved for the personal, not solely the financial, investment in my new community. I stay involved with BRECA, as well as NextDoor, because I believe that through citizen involvement, we keep our neighborhood safe, maintained, and headed in the direction we as a community want it to be.

As a member of the Steering Committee, I participate in advocating for our community—one among many unincorporated county communities that ours could easily fall through the cracks—to ensure that we maintain a voice with the various entities within the County that intersect with us. Changes in the larger County and neighboring communities, along with shifting local and state budgets, will, by their very nature, have effects on our community, and it is important to become aware of them as soon as they are made public, should we need to act on them. Through BRECA, we can have a voice in how those shifts and changes affect us, as well as the attention paid to maintenance in our community and to crime.

To those ends, my advocacy includes representing our community’s economic, aesthetic and quality of life values to local government entities by weighing in on development and infill plans, proposed excessive utility rate increases, obtaining County maintenance and services, staying abreast of neighborhood crime, and advocating for improvement in the conditions along Folsom Blvd, in addition to any new issues that come up.

Besides BRECA, in my retirement I also volunteer for the Effie Yeaw Nature Center and the California Native Plant Society, among other American River Parkway organizations.  Although I’ve slowed down in recent years from back pain, I am also an avid gardener, and consider my garden, with all the pollinating insects, butterflies, and birds, to be my own little piece of paradise, where a lot goes on in such a small space.

Thank you for visiting the BRECA website and this page, and taking the time to get to know a little about me and my reason for participating on the Steering Committee. I thank you for your support of our community through your membership in BRECA—our members are BRECA!

If you aren’t yet a member, please consider joining.

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